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South Dakota producers face new challenges each day. SDSU Extension is your partner, providing resources and expertise to help meet production goals.

Featured Resources

A South Dakota Mesonet station in a snow-covered field.

Livestock Stress Tool

Weather conditions in the Northern Plains can present more than a few challenges for livestock producers. From below zero or blizzard conditions during winter or even spring, to heat waves in the summer months, farmers and ranchers need to be prepared for rapidly changing conditions to provide the best care for their livestock and minimize their risks of losses.

A vast, open rangeland with a few patches of weeds.

Noxious Weed Control in Pasture and Range

Noxious weed control in pastures is becoming more of a challenge. Most ground commercial spray businesses are no longer spraying pastures. If they are, there may be restrictions on the time they will spray, what products they will spray, or they may only spray if they also have all of the rest of your spraying business.

Upcoming Events

Small group of beef heifers.
Jun 01

Cattle AI Refresher Course

SDSU Extension is hosting a cattle Artificial Insemination (AI) refresher course June 1, 2022.

Flock of white sheep in drought-stressed pasture.
Jun 07

Diversifying with Small Ruminants

SDSU Extension, Kansas State University and the University of Nebraska will host three Diversifying with Small Ruminants workshops June 7-9.

Group of beef cattle at mineral feeder in pasture
Jun 09

Beef Cattle Mineral Nutrition Field Day

SDSU Extension and NDSU Extension will host Beef Cattle Mineral Nutrition Field Days June 9 at NDSU Central Grasslands Research Extension Center and June 10 at SDSU Cottonwood Field Station.

A hog farmer and employee conducting training inside a modern swine facility.
Jun 14

Pork Quality Assurance Plus 5.0 Advisor Training - June

SDSU Extension will host a Pork Quality Assurance Plus 5.0 Advisor Training on June 14 at 9 a.m. at the SDSU Animal Science Complex, Wahlstrom Room (Room 111).