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For the 12.6 percent of South Dakota households living with food insecurity, programs like Voices for Food work with local volunteers and food pantries to ensure those they serve receive balanced options and fresh produce.

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SDSU Extension provides established and trusted research-based food preservation information.

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Food safety education is essential from field to table for entrepreneurs, consumers and businesses.

A christmas market set up in a local armory.

Farmers Market

Farmers markets can help strengthen a community by stimulating the local economy and creating local entrepreneurial opportunities.

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Nutrition & Health

A healthy and balanced diet is key to maintaining a full and active lifestyle.

Since 2015, SDSU Extension has worked with communities across South Dakota to establish and sustain community-based wellness coalitions that address health and other disparities. These coalitions have accomplished many successes by working together by implementing practice and evidence-based strategies related to nutrition, physical activity, and community-clinical linkages to prevent chronic disease.

Upcoming Events

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Sep 08

Chronic Disease Lay Leader Training Registration

SDSU Extension and Better Choices, Better Health will be hosting a virtual training starting in August, with Session 0 on September 8.

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Sep 23

Fit & Strong! Instructor Training Application

SDSU Extension is holding an online training session Sept. 23, 2022 for prospective instructors to help run the Fit & Strong! program.