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SDSU Extension provides resources to help you grow, harvest and enjoy a variety of delicious fruits.

How to Grow It

Cucumbers growing on a vine in a garden.

Cucumbers: How to Grow It

Some cucumber varieties form long vines that may ramble or be trellised. Others are bush types that fit more easily into a small garden or even a large container.

A colorful variety of freshly, harvested bell peppers.

Peppers: How to Grow It

Peppers are heat-loving vegetables that require a long, frost-free season and full sun. Peppers can be sweet or hot, and range in color from green, yellow, orange, red and purple to brown.

Colorful variety of pumpkins, winter squashes and gourds on display.

Pumpkins, Winter Squashes and Gourds: How to Grow It

There are many varieties of pumpkins, squashes and gourds available for planting in the garden. Learn how to select, plant, grow and harvest them in this article!

Zucchini ready to harvest. Courtesy: Mary Roduner

Summer Squash: How to Grow It

There are many types of summer squash, including the familiar zucchini (which can be green, green-striped, or yellow), crookneck, straightneck, patty pan and more.

Cherry tomatoes growing on a vine.

Tomato: How to Grow It

From bite-size grape tomatoes to sliceable beefsteak varieties, learn how to select, plant and grow a wide variety of tomatoes for your garden this growing season!

Upcoming Events

Several rows of leafy green vegetables growing in a field.
Mar 05

Specialty Crop Crop Hour

March 5-7: Specialty crops, grape production, horticultural diseases, research updates, and weed control.

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