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Many South Dakotans are dealing with flood issues following recent rain and damaging storms.

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Sheep & Goats

South Dakota ranks fifth nationally in sheep and wool production. And the industry is growing. Whether your flock is several generations old, or you are new to the industry, our SDSU Extension team has the research-based information, best management practices and resources available to help you maintain a healthy and profitable flock for meat and wool production.

Programs like sheepSD, help potential and beginning sheep producers enter and expand into the sheep industry. The mentorship component of this program connects successful sheep producers to those just starting out.

Demand for goat meat, milk, cheese and hide is on the rise in the U.S. And, goat production is a livestock enterprise that can also work for small-scale or part-time producers. Know that your SDSU Extension team is here to answer questions and provide research-based information.

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