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Flock of newborn lambs in a barn.

Creep Feeding Lambs

Creep feeding, when combined with access to fresh water, can support early growth and weaning in young lambs. Learn some expert tips for creating an ideal creep feeding environment to get your lambs off to a great start this season.

Newborn lamb feeding under a heat lamp.

Electrical Safety in the Barn

From heat lamps to extension cords, learn some important fire safety considerations when electricity is used to warm up your barn during lambing and kidding season.

small group of sheep standing in a pasture

Sheep & Goats

South Dakota ranks sixth nationally in sheep and wool production. And the industry is growing.

Merino sheep grazing on grassy pasture.

Lamb Bonanza to showcase sheep industry Jan. 7 during SDSU Jackrabbit basketball game

January 06, 2023

Jackrabbit fans who attend the Jan. 7 South Dakota State University women’s basketball game can also sample lamb and wool products as part of the 31st Annual Lamb Bonanza.

Sheep at a freshly cleaned watering station.

Sheep Water Requirements and Quality Testing

Water intake is critical for ensuring flock health, performance and heat stress mitigation. Learn some key considerations for water quality and intake requirements.

Flock of white sheep in drought-stressed pasture.

Two Master Lamb Producers Recognized at 2022 South Dakota Sheep Growers Association Conference

October 28, 2022

The South Dakota Master Lamb Producers Association recognized sheep producers from Alexandria, South Dakota, and Wessington Springs, South Dakota, during this year’s South Dakota Sheep Growers Annual Convention.

Merino sheep grazing on grassy pasture.

Using Rangeland to Extend Lambs to Meet a More-Optimal Market

Coming off a year of record prices across all classifications of sheep, the current drop in prices has been a bit discouraging. Using historic pricing data, we can observe seasonal price fluctuations that may make holding onto lambs a little longer a more-profitable option.

a herd of sheep standing in a pasture

SDSU Extension Accepting Applications for Emerging Sheep Producers Program

July 14, 2022

Applications are now available for the SDSU Extension Emerging Sheep Producers Program, a program designed for producers who want to increase their knowledge of the sheep industry and improve their skills needed to be successful shepherds.

Young producer inspecting meat in a locker with a digital tablet.

So, You Want to Build a Meat Processing Facility? Five Initial Steps to Consider

The need for more small meat processing capacity and skilled workers is not a new problem facing rural America. No matter the reason for wanting to build, here are some steps to consider before diving in.

Young, female rancher observing beef cattle in a pen.

SDSU, NDSU Extension to Host Inspired by Annie’s Project ‘Meat Marketing 101’

July 13, 2022

Industry specialists from both South Dakota and North Dakota will discuss topics, such as consumer preferences, marketing plans, processing and product distribution.