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Sheep Production

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small group of sheep standing in a pasture

Sheep & Goats

South Dakota ranks sixth nationally in sheep and wool production. And the industry is growing.

Sheep producer moving a flock at pasture.

Will Your Summer Pastures Meet Your Flock’s Needs?

Sheep can readily thrive on pasture in the summer. However, monitoring forage quality and meeting mineral requirements on range is important to optimize production.

a herd of sheep standing in a pasture

Emerging Sheep Producers Program

The SDSU Extension Emerging Sheep Producers Program is designed for sheep producers who want to develop or improve a full or part-time sheep operation

Close-up of a sheep’s nose, mouth, and teeth.

Mouthing Sheep for Age and the Value of Dental Condition

Dental problems in sheep can lead to long-term loss of production and decreased lifespan. Mouthing is a valuable tool for making culling decisions or identifying age when purchasing sheep.

Newborn lamb feeding under a heat lamp.

Electrical Safety in the Barn

From heat lamps to extension cords, learn some important fire safety considerations when electricity is used to warm up your barn during lambing and kidding season.

Merino sheep grazing on grassy pasture.

Using Rangeland to Extend Lambs to Meet a More-Optimal Market

Coming off a year of record prices across all classifications of sheep, the current drop in prices has been a bit discouraging. Using historic pricing data, we can observe seasonal price fluctuations that may make holding onto lambs a little longer a more-profitable option.

Sheep at a freshly cleaned watering station.

Sheep Water Requirements and Quality Testing

Water intake is critical for ensuring flock health, performance and heat stress mitigation. Learn some key considerations for water quality and intake requirements.

a herd of sheep standing in a pasture

SDSU Extension Accepting Applications for Emerging Sheep Producers Program

May 04, 2023

Applications are now available for the SDSU Extension Emerging Sheep Producers Program, a program designed for producers who want to increase their knowledge of the sheep industry and improve their skills needed to be successful shepherds.

Livestock guardian dog resting near a flock of sheep.

Livestock Guardian Dogs for Improved Protection

Most sheep producers will use a variety of methods to protect their flock, but one that has increased interest is the use of livestock guardian dogs.

Skidloader outside being used to turn compost pile.

Guidelines for Livestock Carcass Disposal in South Dakota

Everyone who works with animals tries their best to keep all animals alive. In turn, they also know there will always be normal mortality. Proper carcass disposal is crucial in preventing the spread of disease and protecting the environment.