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sun rising over South Dakota field


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aerial view of South Dakota farm and surrounding land


During the growing season, SDSU Extension provides weekly production recommendations.

Red angus cattle gathered in a feedlot in winter.


South Dakota is home to a dynamic livestock industry.

Producers reviewing paperwork in a farm office.


Modern agriculture requires savvy financial planning and strategy.

Farm employee inspecting a piece of heavy machinery.

Safety & Training

Covering the range from animal handling to equipment safety, including training and certification to keep producers and their workforce productive.

Producers surveying a rangeland site.

Natural Resources & Conservation

South Dakota is home to many unique land, water and wildlife resources. Our experts and partners offer research-based information through to help people enjoy, preserve and profit from these natural resources.

an image of outdoor weather monitoring equipment in a field

Climate and Weather

View resources to predict, prepare and recover from weather-related events year-round, including the latest drought and flood information.

Upcoming Events

Attendees viewing a presentation at the I-29 Moo University Dairy Beef Short Course.
Mar 28

I-29 Moo University - Dairy Beef Short Course

I-29 Moo University will host its 2023 Dairy Beef Short Course on Tuesday, March 28 at the Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota as part of the pre-educational events for the Central Plains Dairy Expo.

Lush field of flowering, green forage.
Mar 29

Northern Plains Forage Association Annual Meeting

The Northern Plains Forage Association is hosting an informational meeting at the Central Plains Dairy Expo in Sioux Falls on March 29 and 30 from 2 to 3 p.m. CDT.

Several red angus cattle feeding at a feed bunk.
Mar 29

Environmental Training for CAFOs - March

SDSU Extension will host an environmental training session for operators of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) on March 29 at the Crossroads Convention Center in Huron (100 Fourth St. S.W. in Huron, 57350).

Rows of empty white, plastic pesticide containers.
Apr 06

Private Applicator Training - April

SDSU Extension will host a free private applicator training on April 6, 2023, online and at various locations throughout South Dakota.