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Each month SDSU Extension delivers vital, practical information to South Dakota agricultural producers, small business owners, consumers, families and more through its newsletters.

Want to know what you will get before you sign up? Use the titles below to view the content of each newsletter's most-recent issue.

Childcare: Daycare providers and childcare center operators will receive a monthly email packed with easy-to-use tools and continuing education opportunities.

Community Vitality: Each month, we share resources to enhance communities, energize leaders and strengthen local businesses.

Garden and Yard: Biweekly during the growing season, this newsletter delivers the latest resources and expert advice for gardening and landscaping across South Dakota.

Healthy Living: From health and nutrition to financial planning, this newsletter offers monthly educational resources for every age.

Livestock: Subscribers will receive recommendations for livestock production, animal health and ag business every other week.

Pests and Crops: Delivered weekly during the growing season and monthly during the winter, this newsletter includes timely tools for managing pests, diseases and weeds in South Dakota.

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