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The SDSU BBQ Bootcamp program is designed to educate consumers about beef selection, preparation, and use in meals. Use this playlist to learn about:

  • Safe handling
  • Selecting cuts
  • Degrees of doneness
  • Grilling and smoking basics
  • Grilling tri-tip
  • Cooking a brisket


Learn how to increase the quality of livestock for consumption.

View Producer Resources

View resources and regulations for processing and selling meat.

View Processor Resources

View latest recommendations for purchasing and preparing meat.

Explore consumer recommendations 

Featured Resources

Three ribeye steaks on a cutting board.

Building a Meat Processing Facility

This decision tool is designed for those interested in entering the meat industry.

A pork carcass that has been cut in half. There are black lines demonstrating where to cut the carcass into its primal cuts. White arrows call out the tenderloin section and the aitch bone. For a complete description, contact SDSU Extension at: 605-688-4792

At-Home Hog Slaughter

One option to address supply chain disruptions is to butcher pigs at home.

an image showing beef cuts

Adding Value to the Beef Carcass: Getting to know the value cuts

New value cuts have provided value back to the beef supply chain. Alternative fabrication provides consumers with more options and increases per head carcass value.