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Three ribeye steaks on a cutting board.


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Several portions of ground beef being inspected at a meat processing facility.

Ground Beef Basics

Fact sheet on navigating regulations and misconceptions of ground beef.

Small group of bison on rangeland.

Goldilocks and Bison Carcass Size Considerations

Many are familiar with the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, where Goldilocks tries to find a bed that's not too hard, nor too soft, but “just right.” Learn how this same concept can help producers find a carcass size that's "just right" for bison processing.

Producer presenting frozen lamb meat products in a deep freezer.

Direct Marketing Lamb: Selling Direct to Consumer

The growing interest in food chain transparency has fostered the growth of direct marketing meat to consumers. Learn some of the challenges and opportunities this style of marketing offers lamb producers.

Man negotiating lamb purchase with female producer.

Direct Marketing Lamb: Selling to the Ethnic Market

The ethnic market plays a big role in the lamb industry. Learn some keys to success for taking advantage of seasonal demand and price fluctuations in this growing market, including when and where to sell.

Three ribeye steaks on a cutting board.

Building a Meat Processing Facility

This decision tool is designed for those interested in entering the meat industry.

Producers cutting meat with a band saw.

Expanded Meat and Poultry Processing Resources Available to S.D. Livestock Producers and Meat Processors

The USDA's commitment to creating a more-resilient, diverse and equitable meat and poultry processing system is making new opportunities for rancher-owned enterprises, worker-owned housing and other cooperative initiatives.

Man inspecting fact content in a cut of beef.

Workshop Series Explores Livestock Producer Options for Starting Small Processing Plants

July 13, 2022

South Dakota State University Extension is seeking livestock producers interested in opening and operating their own meat processing facilities to participate in a workshop series.

Young producer inspecting meat in a locker with a digital tablet.

So, You Want to Build a Meat Processing Facility? Five Initial Steps to Consider

The need for more small meat processing capacity and skilled workers is not a new problem facing rural America. No matter the reason for wanting to build, here are some steps to consider before diving in.

a chrome temperature gauge

SDSU Extension, FSIS to Host 2021 Food Safety Summit

July 13, 2022

The SDSU – Des Moines District Food Safety Summit will be held Wednesday, Aug. 4 in Brookings, South Dakota.