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Woman with tablet examining ground beef at a grocery store.

What’s the Beef With Ground Beef?

Unpack some of the common myths about the appearance, quality and processing of store-bought ground beef products.

Hand holding meat thermometer to check the doneness of grilled steaks.

Summer Grilling Safety Tips

With the first taste of warm weather comes the itch to get out and grill! Before you fire up the grill this season, here are a few reminders on grilling and food safety.

Three ribeye steaks on a cutting board.


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Strip steaks on grill with meat thermometers properly inserted through the side of the cuts.

Meat: Safe Handling and Consumption

From the grocery store to your plate, learn some important food safety considerations for handling, preparing, and enjoying meat!

Producer presenting frozen lamb meat products in a deep freezer.

Direct Marketing Lamb: Selling Direct to Consumer

The growing interest in food chain transparency has fostered the growth of direct marketing meat to consumers. Learn some of the challenges and opportunities this style of marketing offers lamb producers.

Sealed packages of ground beef stacked inside a meat cooler at a grocery store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Serving Bison and Beef in USDA Child Nutrition Programs in South Dakota

This FAQ document provides responses to commonly asked questions about serving beef and bison in South Dakota Child Nutrition Program (CNP) meals and snacks.

Different types of jerky on a cutting board.

Home-Dried Jerky: Process and Tips

Making jerky is a great way to enjoy a variety of meats for months to come! It requires no refrigeration and can be made from any lean meat, such as beef, pork, bison and venison.

Cubes of lean venison on a plate.

Canning Wild Game

The process for canning wild game is very similar to preserving domesticated animal meat, and it provides a delicious and nutritious way to enjoy wild game well past its hunting season!

Small group of customers viewing different cuts of meat at a butcher shop.

Why does beef from the store taste different than the beef from my local butcher?

Grain or grass-finished? Wet or dry-aged? Learn the factors that influence the flavor profiles of meat products found at local butcher shops and grocery stores.

Butcher helping a customer select meat in a glass cabinet.

Tips for Purchasing and Preparing Turkey, Ham and Prime Rib

From turkey to prime rib, let’s look at some things to consider before you sink your teeth into your next holiday meal.