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Freshly picked raspberries in shallow containers on a picnic table.

Raspberries: Harvest and Storage

Raspberries are a cool-season crop that produces fruit in the summer or fall depending on variety. Learn how to select, grow, harvest and store them with this helpful guide!

Victoria rhubarb stalks on a table.

Rhubarb: Harvest and Storage

Rhubarb is a cool-season, herbaceous perennial commonly grown for its edible leafstalks. Learn how to select, grow, harvest and store rhubarb with this helpful guide!

Harvested tomatillos in a brown paper bag.

Tomatillos: Harvest and Storage

Tomatillos are an annual, warm-season crop with requirements similar to tomatoes. Learn how to select, grow, harvest and store them with this helpful guide!

steaks in a pan with a meat thermometer

Family Food Cent$ newsletters

The Family Food Cent$ Newsletter is published by the SDSU Extension Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) through a partnership with the South Dakota Department of Social Services.

strawberries growing on a vine in a pot


View information to grow, harvest and enjoy fruit.

a variety of bright colored fruits and vegetables arranged on a table

A Guide to Drying Foods

Fact sheet about drying foods

a mixture of fresh fruits and vegetables

Getting Your Five Cups

“Eat your fruits and veggies!” You have probably heard this saying since you were a little kid and perhaps you are now telling your kids to do the same. There is a reason we are encouraged to eat our greens from a young age; these colorful foods are full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The USDA recommends adults consume two cups of fruits and three cups of vegetables per day.

A dial pressure canner gauge

Testing Dial Pressure Canner Gauges

For accuracy before use, it is recommended that dial gauges get tested each year. Gauges that read high cause under-processing and may result in unsafe food.

Crate of harvested green tomatoes in a garden.

How to Handle Those Green Tomatoes

With cooler temperatures and decreased daylength, gardeners may have an abundance of green, unripened tomatoes this fall. Learn some delicious ways to use them in the kitchen along with some expert tips for ripening them!

A young woman eating a green apple while watching the sun rise outside her window.

SDSU Extension Encourages South Dakotans to Participate in Annual Crunch Off

September 30, 2022

The South Dakota Crunch off is a statewide event anytime between September 26 and October 7, 2022 to celebrate local produce and Farm to School by crunching into any South Dakota grown “crunchy” fruit or vegetable.