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Several rows of leafy green vegetables growing in a field.
Mar 05

Specialty Crop Crop Hour

March 5-7: Specialty crops, grape production, horticultural diseases, research updates, and weed control.

steaks in a pan with a meat thermometer

Family Food Cent$ newsletters

The Family Food Cent$ Newsletter is published by the SDSU Extension Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) through a partnership with the South Dakota Department of Social Services.

Alternaria leaf spot symptoms appearing as brown, haloed cankers throughout the leaves of a cucurbit plant.

Cucurbit Diseases in South Dakota

Cucurbit crops grown in both the field and in high tunnels face disease pressure from many fungal and bacterial diseases. Learn how to identify and manage some of the most common ones.

Youth from Colton, SD crunch on green beans from their childcare garden in 2022
Sep 15

South Dakota Crunch Off

The South Dakota Crunch Off is an annual statewide event to celebrate local produce and farm to school by crunching into any South Dakota grown fruit or vegetable.

A dial pressure canner gauge

Testing Dial Pressure Canner Gauges

For accuracy before use, it is recommended that dial gauges get tested each year. Gauges that read high cause under-processing and may result in unsafe food.

collection of pressure canned food

Water Bathing vs. Pressure Canning

Water bathing and pressure canning are two common ways to preserve foods by canning. These techniques use heat processing to preserve foods, and which technique you use depends on the acidity of the food.

Crate of harvested green tomatoes in a garden.

How to Handle Those Green Tomatoes

With cooler temperatures and decreased daylength, gardeners may have an abundance of green, unripened tomatoes this fall. Learn some delicious ways to use them in the kitchen along with some expert tips for ripening them!

To small pumpkins sitting on a kitchen counter.

Preserving Pumpkin

Pumpkins are a staple for the fall season. They can often be seen used to decorate homes or for carving jack-o'-lanterns, but they’re great to eat or can for later too!

A woman rinsing vegetables off in an outdoor sink.

Food Safety Rules for Fruit & Vegetable Growers: FAQ

It seems rules and guidelines for growing fresh produce safely are constantly changing, as new laws and regulations are implemented each year.

two whole apples behind a small pile of dehydrated apple slices

Dehydrating Apples

A food dehydrator is a good choice for drying apples and can be used at any time. It is a small appliance that has an electric element for heat with a fan and vents for air circulation.