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Freshly harvested apples on a countertop


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Colorful variety of pumpkins, winter squashes and gourds on display.

Pumpkins, Winter Squashes and Gourds: How to Grow It

There are many varieties of pumpkins, squashes and gourds available for planting in the garden. Learn how to select, plant, grow and harvest them in this article!

steaks in a pan with a meat thermometer

Family Food Cent$ newsletters

The Family Food Cent$ Newsletter is published by the SDSU Extension Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) through a partnership with the South Dakota Department of Social Services.

Left: Picnic beetle adults feeding on a damaged tomato. Right: Multicolored Asian lady beetle adults infesting an apple.

Picnic Beetles and Multicolored Asian Ladybeetles Bothering Produce

Ripe fruit that has been injured can attract undesirable insects into your garden. Some of these insects will feed on the produce, which can completely ruin it by increasing the rate of decay and make it unappealing.

Brown beetle with hairy body and black mottled pattern on a pink flower petal.

Bumble Flower Beetles Are Here

One of the insects that starts to attract attention this time of year are the bumble flower beetles. These large and noisy beetles somewhat resemble June beetles, but they show up later in the season.

Young woman photographing leaf-scorched hostas in a garden.

Garden and Yard Problems Solved: How to Submit Photos and Samples to Our Experts

Garden and lawn issues can sometimes be diagnosed by simply looking at a photo. Photos give our Extension experts a place to start, and providing them with the best possible photo can help the process.

Logo: Mountain Plains Cruch Off  - Biting Into Local

South Dakota Joins 2021 Mountain Plains Crunch Off

September 08, 2021

South Dakota State University Extension and the South Dakota Department of Education’s Division of Child and Adult Nutrition Services are partnering to bring this event to the state Oct. 4-8.

Group of local foods education center staff inside high tunnel.

SDSU to Host Home and Market Garden Field Day

August 24, 2021

The Home and Market Garden Field Day will be held from to 5 to 7 p.m. CDT at the center, located at 1600 Medary Ave. in Brookings.

a patch of green, weedy flowers with white petals and a yellow center

Invasive Garden Plants: Is That a Weed?

While we generally consider invasive plants like crabgrass, dandelions, and purslane as weeds, just about any plant can be considered a weed when it's in the wrong location.

Brown snailcase bagworm cases on the white underside of a jar lid.

Snailcase Bagworms in South Dakota

A unique insect that has been observed in South Dakota is the snailcase bagworm. Snailcase bagworms are wingless moths that spend their entire life in spiral-shaped “snail” cases, which they build around themselves using a combination of silk, soil particles and fecal matter.