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Red angus cattle gathered in a feedlot in winter.


South Dakota is home to a dynamic livestock industry.

Show pig at State Fair.

Show Pig Season

Show pig season is a culmination of dedication, passion, and hard work, and the process of raising pigs to show involves a delicate balance of proper nutrition, exercise, and grooming.

Bird's eye view of Dakotafest

SDSU Extension booth at 2023 Dakotafest to feature livestock, soil and range experts

August 07, 2023

South Dakota State University Extension experts will be at the 2023 Dakotafest to provide information on a range of agricultural and economic issues, from the use of prescribed fire to livestock to weed and soil management.

group of young piglets


Providing pork producers with the research-based information and resources they need to keep South Dakota swine herds healthy and profitable is a focus of our team. 

SDSU off-site wean-to-finish production barn.

Balanced Branched Chain Amino Acids in High Corn-Distillers-Dried-Grains-With-Solubles Diets Adjusted by Soybean Meal Level

Recent research at the SDSU commercial wean-to-finish research facility investigated the growth impact of different branched-chain-amino-acids-to-lysine ratios in swine diets high in corn distillers dried grains with solubles.

Swine barn along an open country road.

SDSU Pork Cares Farm Impact Report 2022

SDSU's Pork Cares Farm Impact Report details the efforts and practices employed by pork producers to promote sustainable agriculture, including environmental impact, social responsibility, and economic viability.

Several red angus cattle feeding at a feed bunk.

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations training June 28 in Huron

June 08, 2023

There is an environmental training session for operators of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) on June 28, 2023, at the Crossroads Convention Center in Huron, South Dakota.

Veterinarian and producer reviewing information on a tablet.

Over-The-Counter Antibiotics Transitioning to Prescription Antibiotics in June 2023

In an effort to curtail antimicrobial resistance, medically important antibiotics will require veterinary oversight beginning June 11, 2023. Ryan Samuel, Assistant Professor and SDSU Extension Swine Specialist, shares some tips for preparing your swine operation.

Cover of the PQA Plus Education Handbook, Version 5.0.

Introducing PQA Plus Version 5.0

Continuing the pork industry’s commitment to incorporate the latest scientific knowledge and production methods, PQA Plus Version 5.0 addresses food safety, animal well-being, environmental stewardship, worker safety, public health and community.

Female Native American rancher gazing into an open rangeland.

Taking Time for Reflection: Managing Stress With Positive Thinking

The practice of positive thinking can improve your physical and mental health, and new perspectives and optimism can bring renewed strength to managing stress on the farm and at home.