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Many South Dakotans are dealing with flood issues following recent blizzards and record-breaking rain.

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small grain hopper next to a shed


It’s always nice to learn what others have done before investing in new facilities or updating existing facilities for your farm or ranch.

long, red, beef cattle feeding barn

Cattle Confinement Facilities: Management Considerations

Confinement barns provide some advantages to both the animals and caregivers compared to outside pens or pasture systems.

orphaned calf being bottle fed

Managing Orphaned Calves After a Blizzard

With careful management and proper nutrition, calves orphaned by challenging winter weather can perform similar to calves still on the cow.

A site assesment form with a pen sitting on top.

Get a Jump on Your PQA Internal Site Assessments

Spring is coming fast, so before planting gets underway take some time to conduct an internal site assessment as part of the PQA Plus Site Assessment criteria.

A backup generator outside a swine facility.

Test Emergency Backup Systems in the New Year

Animal care starts with having confidence in facilities and ventilation systems that safeguard health in all weather conditions. Testing emergency backup equipment at the start of a new year is a good preventative practice.

Wean-to-Finish Production Systems Evolve for Healthy Pigs

December 18, 2018

Wean-to-finish production systems emerged as a new concept in the pork production industry in the late '90s moving newly weaned pigs into biosecure wean-to-finish facilities forming static groups, rather than being relocated after the nursery phase into grow-finish barns.

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A group of young dairy calves lying down in bedding, some are wearing red jackets.

Keeping Pre-weaned Dairy Calves Healthy and Growing in Cold Weather

Cold stress can result in calves turning to stored body fat to generate body heat, essentially losing weight. In addition, calves experiencing cold stress will have compromised immune systems making them more susceptible to disease.

Dairy cattle in a feeding facility

Diminishing Personal Injury on Dairy Farms

Within the dairy industry there is a high percentage of contact time between animals and human beings on a daily basis.

Inside a swine barn.

Pig Barn Turnover Rates: Challenges & Costs

Employee turnover is inevitable, but how managers respond to it and learn from it determines the resiliency of a pig barn’s future and the level of productivity that is achieved.