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small grain hopper next to a shed


It’s always nice to learn what others have done before investing in new facilities or updating existing facilities for your farm or ranch.

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A site assesment form with a pen sitting on top.

Get a Jump on Your PQA Internal Site Assessments

Spring is coming fast, so before planting gets underway take some time to conduct an internal site assessment as part of the PQA Plus Site Assessment criteria.

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A backup generator outside a swine facility.

Test Emergency Backup Systems in the New Year

Animal care starts with having confidence in facilities and ventilation systems that safeguard health in all weather conditions. Testing emergency backup equipment at the start of a new year is a good preventative practice.

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Wean-to-Finish Production Systems Evolve for Healthy Pigs

December 18, 2018

Wean-to-finish production systems emerged as a new concept in the pork production industry in the late '90s moving newly weaned pigs into biosecure wean-to-finish facilities forming static groups, rather than being relocated after the nursery phase into grow-finish barns.

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A group of young dairy calves lying down in bedding, some are wearing red jackets.

Keeping Pre-weaned Dairy Calves Healthy and Growing in Cold Weather

Cold stress can result in calves turning to stored body fat to generate body heat, essentially losing weight. In addition, calves experiencing cold stress will have compromised immune systems making them more susceptible to disease.

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A slanted bed biofilter diagram. Contact SDSU Extension for more information.

Slanted Bed Biofilter Construction: Lessons learned at the SDSU wean-finish unit

This article outlines the design considerations and cost to construct a slanted bed biofilter for a pit fan on the new South Dakota State University Swine Education and Research Facility wean-finish unit.

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Two dairy calves in a small pen wearing warming jackets.

Dairy Calf Respiratory Disease: Treatment in the Aftermath of Cold Weather

Cold weather is not just hard on the people taking care of animals, it can be tough on the animals themselves. Consider respiratory disease (pneumonia) in dairy calves.

Dairy Cattle, Animal Health, Barns

a wintery snow covered landscape

Caring for Animals When the Power Goes Out

The power outages experienced in areas of South Dakota might make animal caretakers wonder, “How did we ever raise livestock in the days before electricity?” Electric lights, hot water heaters, and mechanical ventilation are all items that are taken for granted, except when weather events interrupt their supply of “juice.”

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A snowy farmyard with a white dairy barn in the background.

Winter Preparedness on the Dairy Farm

Weather this time of year can change in a hurry. “So how many of you as dairy producers have heeded the warning and taken the time to prepare for the upcoming winter?"

Dairy Cattle, Animal Health, Animal Welfare, Barns