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A downed rural power line following an ice storm.

Caring for Animals When the Power Goes Out

Power outages bring with them a different set of circumstances to every animal operation. Questions about animal care and animal health products in the midst of electricity loss should be directed to your veterinarian.

Brown Swiss Dairy Calf, lays outside calf hutch in straw bedding with blue calf coat on, sunning itself in the winter sunshine.

Winter Preparedness on the Dairy Farm

Weather this time of year can change in a hurry. So how many of you as dairy producers have heeded the warning and taken the time to prepare for the upcoming winter?

Swine facility interior.

Three Steps To Managing Facility Repairs

Barns and the equipment within them are a major capital investment. It makes sense to invest time in maintenance, repairs and attention to detail to ensure the longevity of structures.

Herd of young pigs inside a wean-to-finish facility.

Wean-To-Finish Production Systems Evolve for Healthy Pigs

An important foundation of the efficiency of modern pork production is the industry emphasis on biosecurity. Wean-to-finish barns may provide better biosecurity than separate nursery and grow-finish facilities.

Group of pigs lying in a pile inside a wean-to-finish facility.

Wean-To-Finish Heating for Newly Weaned Pigs

Newly weaned pigs have some special considerations when it comes to heating. The environmental conditions during this period can have a direct effect on the long-term health of pigs.

Outside the SDSU Swine Education and Research Facility.

Basic Ventilation System Design for Pork Producers

Ventilation systems have the potential to maximize swine production with regard to animal growth and performance. Understanding the rationale behind their design can help any manager do the best job possible.

Fans outside th SDSU Swine Education and Research Facility.

Understanding Fan Performance Metrics and Variability

As we move into the summer season, it is important to check for proper function of fans in your operation. When selecting new or replacement fans, it is critical to evaluate the flowrate requirement at the static pressure you will be operating, compare the efficiency of fan options, and ask your equipment supplier for detailed performance specifications.

Gravel road with swine barn in the distance.

Air Infiltration in Swine Barns

Air infiltration in large, confined swine operations has been an on-going problem for producers for many years. Regardless of technological advancements in building design and construction, unwanted air penetration continues to be a consistent problem.

Two producers inspecting a dairy barn.

Emergency Preparedness on Dairies

Being prepared for an emergency on your dairy can significantly improve recovery time from an unexpected incident.

A statue of a dairy cow on a landscaped terrace in front of a long dairy barn.

South Dakota Odor Footprint Tool

Two-part fact sheets explaining the South Dakota Odor Footprint Tool. Part I: Principles and Tools and Part II: Examples.