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man holding a small pile of soil in his hands

SDSU Extension Hosts 2019 No-Till Event in Wall January 17, 2019

January 07, 2019

SDSU Extension will host 2019 No-Till event, Integrating Livestock, Building Soil January 17, 2019 from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Wall at the Wall Community Center, Grand Hall (501 Main St.).

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A vast, open rangeland with a few patches of weeds.

An identification guide to common Rangeland Insect Pests of South Dakota

The insects listed in this guide can be pests of rangeland in South Dakota. The best approach for preventing these pests from reaching damaging populations involves routine scouting.

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prairie pasture with light snow on the ground


Pastures and rangelands are a valuable resource for owners of equine and livestock.

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A black cow grazing on a public grassland.

Grazing & Recreation on South Dakota School & Public Lands

At a recent meeting of the South Dakota Grassland Coalition, Ryan Brunner Commissioner of State School and Public Lands, provided excellent information for those interested in understanding more about grazing and hunting on South Dakota School and Public Lands.

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a herd of cattle walking in a snowy pasture

Getting Ready for Winter on the Range

A mild fall has been a blessing for many ranchers across South Dakota. As the first day of winter looms around the corner, a ranch manager must try to adhere to some rangeland management principals when managing pastures this winter.

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A group of cattle grazing in fall pasture.

Grazing in the Shoulder Season

There has been an increasing push towards lengthening the grazing season in order to feed less hay, and with good reason. Winter feed is often one of the most expensive components of the cow-calf year.

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A herd of cattle grazing near a stock pond.

Blue-Green Algae and Livestock

With the expanding and worsening drought conditions across South Dakota, there has been increased concern about livestock water quality. One portion of the water quality concern stems from the algae blooms on stock dams.

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Supplementing Cows on Pasture to Stretch Forage Supplies

With dry conditions spreading quickly across the Dakota’s, producers are forced to make challenging decisions on how many cow/calf pairs to turn out to pasture, and then determine how long the pastures will even last if moisture doesn’t come soon. During the spring/summer months, supplementing grass with energy and protein can decrease forage dry matter consumption.

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A green front-end-loader pulling a hay mower with a flushing bar.

Haying With Wildlife in Mind

Anyone who has spent time cutting hay knows that hayland can be a magnet for wildlife in late spring and early summer. Hay fields are often considered an “ecological trap” for wildlife; that is, they appear to be high quality habitat for nesting or feeding due to tall, dense grass and legumes, but often lead to increased mortality once harvesting is under way.

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