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Noxious and Pasture Weed Plot Data Report

Updated January 05, 2024

Eric Jones

Assistant Professor and SDSU Extension Weed Management Specialist

Additional Authors: Paul O. Johnson

Written collaboratively by Eric Jones, Dave Vos, Jill Alms, Mike Moechnig, Darrell Deneke, and Paul Johnson

Noxious weeds are non-native plants that displace native species and can negatively affect agriculture and recreation. Noxious weeds need to be intensively managed, or the plants can overtake an area. Noxious weeds are primarily managed with herbicides. Different noxious weed species are controlled with select herbicides. Therefore, it is critical that appropriate herbicides are applied for effective weed control. Provided is a compilation of South Dakota State University noxious weed control data for use as a reference by stakeholders to select appropriate herbicide(s) for problem noxious weed species. This data book should be used as a reference; always consult the herbicide label before application for specific use restrictions.