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Blank angus cattle at a concrete feed bunk.

Preconditioning Calves: Is it the right choice?

Preconditioning involves weaning calves at least 45 days in preparation to enter the stocker phase or directly into the feedlot. Learn some important tips to help determine if it's the right choice for your operation.

Mixed calves at an in-field bunk feeder.

Backgrounding at Different Rates of Gain

The purpose of backgrounding is to increase calf body weight after weaning and before finishing. A recent study investigated the effects of different backgrounding systems on growing calf performance.

Cattle grazing corn stalks.

The Cost of Grazing Stalks

Grazing corn stalks can be a low-cost feed option that gets herds off pastures and saves harvested forages for winter months. Review some important management and nutrition considerations before starting it on your operation.

Mixed cattle grazing corn stalks.

Corn Stalk Rental Rates

Corn stalk acres have long been a source of feed for livestock producers. But how much should producers charge to graze them, and what factors should they consider when developing a rental agreement?

Two producers observing an in-field cattle watering unit.

Water Monitoring Systems for Livestock

Depending on animal locations, checking water tanks can require hours of labor and significant fuel costs for remote pastures. Water monitoring systems offer producers a convenient way to check the status of the water sources remotely.

A cow at the Cottonwood Field Station with her head in the green colored chamber of the GreenFeeder

Range Roundup: Precision Technology to Measure Cattle Methane Emissions and Intake on Western S.D. Rangelands

In a recent research project, our precision livestock team deployed technology to measure individual cattle methane emissions and feed intake by disappearance. Learn how this data can be used to help improve day-to-day management decisions on the ranch.

A Super SmartFeed Producer at the SDSU Cottonwood Field Station.

Range Roundup: Heifer Development With Precision Supplementation

In a recent research project, a Super SmartFeed Producer was used in conjunction with two SmartScales for precision heifer supplementation and development. Learn what this technology has to offer for ranching operations.

Black angus cow drinking from a waterer.

Weather and Water Intake in Beef Cattle

Water is a vital nutrient for beef cattle health and performance, and it is important to understand how weather can influence water intake during periods of warmer and cooler weather.

Sydney Vanderhoff stands in front of a building. Her long hair is down and she is wearing a black polo and blue jeans

SDSU Extension welcomes new Beef Nutrition Field Specialist to Mitchell office

September 08, 2023

South Dakota State University Extension is pleased to welcome Sydney Vanderhoff as a new Beef Nutrition Field Specialist.

Mixed cattle eating at a feedbunk.

How Much Silage Can I Feed To Finishing Cattle?

What effect does feeding increased amounts of corn silage have on beef cattle performance and system-wide efficiency? See what a set of recent SDSU Extension research experiments found out.