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Beef Reproduction and Genetics

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A small herd of black angus cattle at pasture.

Using Estrus Synchronization of Cattle

Fact sheet on the use of estrus synchronization of cattle

A group of red angus cattle.

The Bovine Estrous Cycle

Fact sheet on the bovine estrous cycle

A group of red angus cattle.

The Calving Distribution Calculator

Excel calculator for calving distribution

A group of cattle grazing in a sprawling rangeland.

Rancher’s Perspective on Challenging Heifers

This article will share a rancher’s perspective on challenging heifers during the breeding season in Northwestern South Dakota.

A black angus calf in standing in a pasture between two cows.

Calving Season Benchmarks

Reproductive performance of an operation is important to the overall success and bottom line of that operation. Benchmarking may be beneficial as it can help focus limited management time on critical areas of an individual’s beef cow business.

A small group of cattle grazing a rolling pasture.

Cow Herd Options

April 2018 and 2019 blizzards caused stress to the region’s cowherds, and for some herds changed the calving distribution. 2020 brings a chance to re-establish a preferred calving distribution.

A black angus bull standing in a hilly pasture.

How Many Bulls Do You Need When Synchronizing With Natural Service?

The use of estrous synchronization with natural service provides an opportunity to utilize the benefits of synchronization. However, the first question producers ask is, “How many more bulls do I need?"

A black angus cow walking through pasture being followed by two calves.

Lessons From Alternative Calving Workshops

Recently, the South Dakota Grassland Coalition and SDSU Extension held workshops across the State focused on sharing information from experienced livestock producers who have switched to a calving date more in sync with nature.

A group of red angus cattle.

Minimizing Synchronization Costs

With the rising costs of certain feed supplements, uncertainty in the markets, and fear of the unknown, using an estrus synchronization protocol may be the last thing on producers’ minds. However, there is still opportunity to incorporate estrus synchronization without breaking the bank.

A group of black Angus cows standing in spring pasture.

2020 Beef Heifer Synchronization Protocol

Being in the midst of calving, it is hard to think about next year’s calf crop. However, with the 2020 AI beef sire directories available, it is time to think about breeding season especially if you will be using synchronization.