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Many South Dakotans are dealing with flood issues following recent blizzards and record-breaking rain.

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Animal Welfare

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five beef cows standing in a pasture

Livestock Newsletter

SDSU Extension publishes the Livestock Newsletter to provide South Dakota producers, industry professionals and consumers with timely research-based recommendations.

small group of mixed calves

Does Cold Weather Contribute to Pneumonia in Calves?

Prolonged winter cold has some fairly obvious effects on cattle of all ages.

ranchers observing cattle in late winter pasture

Reproductive Losses in Beef Cattle: Diagnosing the Cause

With cattle reproduction, focusing on what we can control and diagnose is the key to avoiding further losses within a herd.

Beef Quality Assurance Transportation materials.

Cattle Transportation Updates

During the November 7th Animal Care Wednesday Webinar, updates regarding several livestock transportation topics were shared by two presenters.

long, red, beef cattle feeding barn

Cattle Confinement Facilities: Management Considerations

Confinement barns provide some advantages to both the animals and caregivers compared to outside pens or pasture systems.

bales in a field

SDSU Extension Releases Results of Forage Binding Survey

February 21, 2019

What type of forage binding material do livestock producers in the Upper Midwest prefer? And, what are the impacts if livestock consumer these materials?

Animal Welfare, Animal Health

orphaned calf being bottle fed

Managing Orphaned Calves After a Blizzard

With careful management and proper nutrition, calves orphaned by challenging winter weather can perform similar to calves still on the cow.

A site assesment form with a pen sitting on top.

Get a Jump on Your PQA Internal Site Assessments

Spring is coming fast, so before planting gets underway take some time to conduct an internal site assessment as part of the PQA Plus Site Assessment criteria.