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Red angus cattle gathered in a feedlot in winter.


South Dakota is home to a dynamic livestock industry.

Photo montage of person mowing grass with a push mower, a horse fly, a rabbit, and a tick.

Tularemia in Animals in South Dakota

Tularemia is a relatively rare, but serious, disease that has potential to cause disease in people through their contact with infected animals or insect vectors. Learn how it's transmitted, diagnosed and treated.

Several red angus cattle feeding at a feed bunk.

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations training June 28 in Huron

June 08, 2023

There is an environmental training session for operators of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) on June 28, 2023, at the Crossroads Convention Center in Huron, South Dakota.

veterinarian using a stethoscope on a horse

Animal Health & Care

The health and well-being of animals matters to all who care for them.

Cover of the PQA Plus Education Handbook, Version 5.0.

Introducing PQA Plus Version 5.0

Continuing the pork industry’s commitment to incorporate the latest scientific knowledge and production methods, PQA Plus Version 5.0 addresses food safety, animal well-being, environmental stewardship, worker safety, public health and community.

Female Native American rancher gazing into an open rangeland.

Taking Time for Reflection: Managing Stress With Positive Thinking

The practice of positive thinking can improve your physical and mental health, and new perspectives and optimism can bring renewed strength to managing stress on the farm and at home.

A small group of dairy cattle resting in a pen.

I Got a FARM Corrective Action. Now What?

The Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Animal Care Version 4 rolled out January 2020. As dairies have their farms evaluated with this new version, there may be questions about corrective actions.

White goat resting in a drought-stressed pasture.

Heat Stress in Small Ruminants

The Upper Midwest provides periods of extreme heat during summer and shorter periods of heat stress potential during spring and fall. Are your sheep and goats cool enough in their environment?

Heavy-duty cooler with color-coded slots for vaccines and a compartment for syringe and supplies.

Management Tips for Vaccines and Injectables

A good herd health plan involves both a vaccination program and treatment plan developed with your veterinarian. The ultimate success of a vaccination program depends on how we handle and administer vaccines to our animals.

An dairy farmer and site inspector talking near a fence outside a dairy dairy barn.

Preparing for FARM Animal Care Evaluations

The FARM Animal Care Version 4.0 rolled out January 2020. This article is a condensed tool to aid you in preparing for your next evaluation.