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Red angus cattle gathered in a feedlot in winter.


South Dakota is home to a dynamic livestock industry.

A loader depositing soil into a trailer being pulled behind a tractor.

Summer Maintenance in Outside Yards

Spring mud and poor drainage are two of the biggest production drags associated with feeding cattle outside. Summer months represent an opportunity to address and correct any problems that might be present in open lots.

Photo montage of person mowing grass with a push mower, a horse fly, a rabbit, and a tick.

Tularemia in Animals in South Dakota

Tularemia is a relatively rare, but serious, disease that has potential to cause disease in people through their contact with infected animals or insect vectors. Learn how it's transmitted, diagnosed and treated.

Black angus cow with pinkeye and flies throughout its body.

What Does Pinkeye Cost?

A common disease during fly season, pinkeye in cattle can have a measurable impact on profits. A recent research project investigated the impact of eye issues on sale barn prices to find out just how much.

Veterinarian and producer reviewing information on a tablet.

Over-The-Counter Antibiotics Transitioning to Prescription Antibiotics in June 2023

In an effort to curtail antimicrobial resistance, medically important antibiotics will require veterinary oversight beginning June 11, 2023. Ryan Samuel, Assistant Professor and SDSU Extension Swine Specialist, shares some tips for preparing your swine operation.

Veterinarian using a digital tablet in a sheep barn.

Clostridial Disease Management and Vaccines for Sheep and Goats

Vaccination against clostridium perfringens is universally recommended for small ruminants. Learn some expert vaccine considerations for both sheep and goats.

A small group of dairy cattle resting in a pen.

I Got a FARM Corrective Action. Now What?

The Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Animal Care Version 4 rolled out January 2020. As dairies have their farms evaluated with this new version, there may be questions about corrective actions.

Small group of bison grazing winter pasture.

Considerations for Winter Bison Management

Although many tools and techniques developed for cattle management have been adapted for bison, there are some stark differences between the two species that producers should consider when managing bison on winter range.

White goat resting in a drought-stressed pasture.

Heat Stress in Small Ruminants

The Upper Midwest provides periods of extreme heat during summer and shorter periods of heat stress potential during spring and fall. Are your sheep and goats cool enough in their environment?

Heavy-duty cooler with color-coded slots for vaccines and a compartment for syringe and supplies.

Management Tips for Vaccines and Injectables

A good herd health plan involves both a vaccination program and treatment plan developed with your veterinarian. The ultimate success of a vaccination program depends on how we handle and administer vaccines to our animals.