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Artificial Insemination school attendee working with a liquid nitrogen filled semen tank.

Dangers and Safety Precautions With Liquid Nitrogen

If you artificially inseminate, you have been exposed to liquid nitrogen. Even though it is commonly used in livestock production, it is critical to follow safety procedures, because it is very dangerous.

Red angus cattle gathered in a feedlot in winter.


South Dakota is home to a dynamic livestock industry.

Bottles of on-farm pasteurized and packaged whole milk.

Selling Grade A and B Dairy and Dairy Products in South Dakota

There has been an interest in manufacturing and processing dairy products by South Dakota food entrepreneurs. Learn everything you need to know about the basic requirements for processing and selling Grade A and Grade B dairy and dairy products in our state.

Silage pile covered with tarp and weighted down with tires.

Silage Covering and Harvest Management to Maximize Feed Value

Covering silage piles is critically important to control nutrient loss in silage, but what covering strategies result in the best-quality feed? Learn what a recent SDSU Extension research project found out.

harvester chopping corn silage, depositing silage into green wagon.

Silage: Minimizing Losses and Maximizing Value

Optimizing silage value starts by harvesting at the right moisture content.

SDSU Extension encourages attending SD Cattlemen’s feedlot tours on July 20

June 27, 2023

South Dakota State University Extension is inviting cattle producers, allied industry professionals or anyone interested in feeding cattle to attend the annual South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association Feeder Council feedlot tour on July 20 near Baltic, South Dakota.

Kiernan Brandt, SDSU Extension Cow/ Calf Specialist, instructs 4-H member, Molly Harty, on finding the reproductive tract during palpitation.

Artificial Insemination School

SDSU Extension offers Beef Artificial Insemination (AI) Schools that teach participants overall herd management for reproductive success and profitability during the 2.5-day schools.

Several red angus cattle feeding at a feed bunk.

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations training June 28 in Huron

June 08, 2023

There is an environmental training session for operators of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) on June 28, 2023, at the Crossroads Convention Center in Huron, South Dakota.

small group of dairy cattle grazing in a pasture near a red monoslope barn


As a member of the I-29 Moo University Collaboration, SDSU Extension connects South Dakota’s producers with peers and industry experts across a five-state region.

Veterinarian talking with dairy producer inside a dairy cattle barn.

Is There an Ideal Voluntary Waiting Period for Inseminating Your Dairy Cows?

The voluntary waiting period is a crucial management decision that designates a target number of days postpartum, after which cows will be inseminated.