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five beef cows standing in a pasture

Livestock Newsletter

SDSU Extension publishes the Livestock Newsletter to provide South Dakota producers, industry professionals and consumers with timely research-based recommendations.

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SDSU Extension’s Role in Transformational Agriculture

January 17, 2019

November 23, 2018, the U.S. Government released the Fourth National Climate Assessment report, from the Government’s Global Change Research Program.

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small group of dairy cattle grazing in a pasture near a red monoslope barn
Dec 27

2018 Farm Bill Implications for Dairy Producers Webinar

I-29 Moo University will be hosting at webinar on Dec. 27 at 12 PM CST.

Dairy Cattle

Dairy cattle feeding on silage.

Keeping the Dairy Cow Healthy Means Keeping Her Gut Healthy

While we usually think of a cow’s gut simply as the organ system responsible for digestion and absorption of nutrients, it also plays other critical roles. Essentially a long tube from the mouth to rectum, open to the outside world, the digestive tract is the most substantial interface between the cow’s external environment and her body.

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I-29 Moo University
Jan 14

Winter Workshop Series: Barn Benchmarks for Success

I-29 Moo University, a collaboration of dairy extension faculty from North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska, will host Winter Workshop Series titled, "Barn Benchmarks for Success." in five locations starting on January 14 - 18 in conjunction with the Midwest Dairy, MN Milk & SDDP Annual Meetings.

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small group of dairy cattle grazing in a pasture near a red monoslope barn
Dec 20

I29 Moo University: Improving Conversations with Your Lender

Join this webinar to learn about banking benchmarks, what your lender needs and improving your enterprise.

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Beef Quality Assurance Transportation materials.

Cattle Transportation Updates

During the November 7th Animal Care Wednesday Webinar, updates regarding several livestock transportation topics were shared by two presenters. Chase DeCoite discussed the Beef Quality Assurance Transportations (BQAT) certification program. Allison Rivera provided brief updates on the discussions happening in Washington D.C. around electronic logging devices (ELD), truck weights, and hours of service for truckers.

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small group of dairy cattle grazing in a pasture near a red monoslope barn

I-29 Moo University Collaboration to Host Lender Information Webinar

December 20, 2018

The I-29 Moo University, of which SDSU Extension is a collaborating partner, is hosting a webinar, Improving Conversations With Your Lender, Thursday, December 20, 2018.

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small group of dairy cattle grazing in a pasture near a red monoslope barn


As a member of the I-29 Moo University Collaboration, SDSU Extension connects South Dakota’s producers with peers and industry experts across a five-state region.

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