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4-H Physical Sciences, Technology & Engineering Project

All 4-H Physical Sciences, Technology & Engineering Project Content

4-H exhibits displayed in a large room


Project resources help 4-H members learn about everything from aerospace to workforce readiness.

wood working tools sitting on a table

4-H Wood Science Project

Woodworking is a valuable skill for a hobby, household repairs, or even a career. Learn about types of wood, uses for various kinds of wood, how to make connections and joints, safety tips, common tools and project ideas from the very simple to impressive!

Man in welding mask welding metal pieces together

4-H Welding Project

Learn how to safely and creatively join metal together by welding. Use your skills to make your own art, tools, and equipment! We use welded products every day, take some time to learn the methods behind different types of welding and learn how to use them yourself!

front end of a heavy ford truck

4-H Automotive, Small & Tractor Engines Project

Start your engines and get excited about the automotive, small and tractor engines 4-H project area! Explore your interest in tractors and cars and learn how engines work, what problems can occur and how to fix those problems, and even build your own small engine.

a laptop computer

4-H Computers & Technology Project

The 4-H computer and technology project offers endless possibilities. Whether you like to program electronics, make online scrapbook pages, design web pages, geocaching, or take a hike with a GPS unit, you will find your niche with this project.

male 4-H youth holding a model rocket

4-H Aerospace & Rocketry Project

Want to design, build, and launch your own rocket? Always been interested in airplanes and flight? Blast off to the aerospace and rocketry project area!

two male and one female 4-H youth inspecting a robotics control program on a laptop

4-H Robotics Project

Robots combine aspects of design, mechanics, and electronics together to manufacture materials, travel where humans can’t, collect data, and aid people with disabilities. Join or start a 4-H robotics club, participate in the 4-H robotics challenge, or exhibit a robotics project.

a solar panel with sunlight reflecting off it

4-H Physics Project

If you have ever wondered how and why an object behaves a certain way, you may be interested in studying physics. Physics works to understand the universe’s behavior through studying matter and its motion, along with energy and forces.

hands holding a 4-H coin and a gps navigational device

4-H Geospatial Sciences Project

Used in everything from growing crops to tracking down criminals, geospatial technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. Geospatial technology is used to analyze the earth’s features and visualize measurements.

three male 4-H youth inspecting a catapult that they built

4-H Engineering Project

Engineering is the application of mathematics, science, and technology to solve problems. It involves critical thinking, problem solving, communication, team work, and so much more.