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4-H Aerospace & Rocketry Project

male 4-H youth holding a model rocket

Want to design, build, and launch your own rocket? Always been interested in airplanes and flight? Blast off to the aerospace and rocketry project area! Learn how technology has impacted air travel, discover the construction of rockets, space shuttles, kites, airplanes, and hot air balloons, study stars and outer space, and construct rockets and other aircraft. Whether you enjoy constructing aircraft or exploring the sciences behind it, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to enjoy Aerospace and Rocketry!

Ages and Stages of Youth Development


Beginners can identify the parts of a rocket, build a rocket, and gather the materials needed to launch the rocket. Know the different types of aircraft and the basics of flight. Understand and practice safety when launching your rocket.


Study physics and learn how to increase efficiency in flying. Construct your own rocket launch system. Understand the function of aircraft parts and build other types of aircraft. Study astronomy, the atmosphere/weather, and airplanes.


Seniors can assist/teach younger members in the project. Understand more complex parts such as rocket engines. Create your own aircraft models, such as a glider or hot air balloon. Build your own rocket or kite without a model.

4-H Programming Priorities


When building and launching rockets and other aircraft, teach and promote safety. Stand out as an advocate in the science, technology, engineering, math area.

Health & Wellness

Whether you’re launching rockets or flying a kite, time spent outdoors and physical activity is a large part of aerospace and rocketry.


Discover the sciences of physics and chemistry and their relation to take off and flight. Study astronomy to learn about stars and outer space.


Advances in technology carry over into agriculture practices. Research how airplanes and other flight methods are used in the in the field of agriculture.

Get Involved

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Youth Voice

  • Demonstrate the construction of a model rocket
  • Illustrated talk on the different types of aircraft
  • Discuss the impact weather had on flight
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Community Service

  • Teach younger members about rockets and flying
  • Volunteer at a local air show or event
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Career Connections

  • Aerospace engineer
  • Materials and manufacturing engineer
  • Rocket scientist
  • Pilot
  • Quality control inspector
  • Ground radio operator

Exhibit Ideas

  • Rocket from a kit or an original
  • Constructed glider or kite
  • Poster displaying safe launching of a rocket
  • Model airplane or hot air balloon
  • Display on space exploration or astronomy
  • Design sketch of an airplane, helicopter, glider, etc.