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4-H exhibits displayed in a large room


Project resources help 4-H members learn about everything from aerospace to workforce readiness.

a father and son inspecting a show goat in a competition.

Bringing Home Your 4-H Goat Project

Sales and transport is a stressful time for any animal. Reducing stress factors due to transitions start before the actual purchase of your new project. Managing proper nutrition and disease management are just a couple factors to help your project get off to a great start.

female youth cooking ground beef in a frying pan

4-H Food Science Project

If you have ever baked a cake or even eaten an apple, you have taken part in food science. Food science encompasses how our body utilizes food (nutrition) as well as what changes food goes through on its way to our plates (food safety and preparation).

three female 4-H youth standing with and older adult male official

4-H Leadership Skills Development Project

The leadership skills development 4-H project area is designed for youth to identify and achieve the skills needed to be a good leader. These skills can be developed through experience in a group setting or leadership position or by participating in activities focusing on communication, organization, responsibility, and teamwork.

male youth running with a sandy-brown horse

4-H Horse Project

Saddle up for the Horse 4-H project area! Become experienced in horse nutrition, handling, safety, and care. Participate in the county horse program and show to learn riding techniques, patterns, and showmanship

various international flags displayed at an outdoor pavilion

4-H Cultural Education, International Study & Exchange Programs Project

The world is a big place! In this project, you can learn more about your own culture, explore new cultures, share your experience as a host family, or be an exchange delegate.

male 4-h youth in a baseball uniform standing between an adult male and female during a presentation

4-H Public Speaking/Writing Project

Are you excited at the opportunity to write and share your thoughts with others? If so, the 4-H public speaking and writing project can help you learn to express yourself in a variety of ways, from speeches to written communication on topics that you love and are excited about! Let’s get started!

dense, wooded forest with a trail leading through it

4-H Forestry Project

Learn how to read the forest by identifying tree types and species in your area, how to conduct a tree survey and its uses, and the many benefits trees provide for our environment and in our daily lives.

compass face with red needle pointing towards the text "career"

4-H Workforce Preparation (Career Exploration) Project

Let’s go to work! Explore careers and connect with business leaders in your community through Workforce Preparation. Build valuable skills, such as resume writing, that will assist you in obtaining a job.

wood working tools sitting on a table

4-H Wood Science Project

Woodworking is a valuable skill for a hobby, household repairs, or even a career. Learn about types of wood, uses for various kinds of wood, how to make connections and joints, safety tips, common tools and project ideas from the very simple to impressive!