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a father and son inspecting a show goat in a competition.

Bringing Home Your 4-H Goat Project

Sales and transport is a stressful time for any animal. Reducing stress factors due to transitions start before the actual purchase of your new project. Managing proper nutrition and disease management are just a couple factors to help your project get off to a great start.

granite rock formation surrounding a lake.

4-H Water & Water Conservation Project

Water is essential to support life on Earth. Conservation is an important practice that ensures we have enough water, and preserving water quality keeps our water supply clean and free of pollution. Why is water important to you?

male 4-h youth in a baseball uniform standing between an adult male and female during a presentation

4-H Public Speaking/Writing Project

Are you excited at the opportunity to write and share your thoughts with others? If so, the 4-H public speaking and writing project can help you learn to express yourself in a variety of ways, from speeches to written communication on topics that you love and are excited about! Let’s get started!

compass face with red needle pointing towards the text "career"

4-H Workforce Preparation (Career Exploration) Project

Let’s go to work! Explore careers and connect with business leaders in your community through Workforce Preparation. Build valuable skills, such as resume writing, that will assist you in obtaining a job.

wood working tools sitting on a table

4-H Wood Science Project

Woodworking is a valuable skill for a hobby, household repairs, or even a career. Learn about types of wood, uses for various kinds of wood, how to make connections and joints, safety tips, common tools and project ideas from the very simple to impressive!

young, white-spotted deer standing in the woods

4-H Wildlife & Fisheries Project

In the wildlife and fisheries 4-H project area, youth can discover the ecosystems and animal species around them and gain expertise with fishing. Discover concepts in biology and use that knowledge to conserve wildlife habitats and natural ecosystems or catch and interest in fishing.

Man in welding mask welding metal pieces together

4-H Welding Project

Learn how to safely and creatively join metal together by welding. Use your skills to make your own art, tools, and equipment! We use welded products every day, take some time to learn the methods behind different types of welding and learn how to use them yourself!

Silhouette of a pig on a board wrapped in white twine. two purple ribbons on the table next to it.

4-H Visual Arts Project

Are you creative? Love to make things? Like to explore new types of media and design? Then visual arts may be the project area for you!

a digital camera with an onboard boom microphone on a tripod.

4-H Videography Project

In this project area, youth can learn to use the video setting on a camera, plan scenes and transitions for a video, develop skills in capturing quality video, and edit clips to make a complete video.

male youth participating in an artificial insemination demonstration

4-H Veterinary Science Project

The veterinary science 4-H project area connects a love for animals with an interest in science. Explore the many careers in animal and veterinary science, study the health and anatomy of animals, understand animal health in relation to humans, and learn through experience how to care for an animal.