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4-H Cultural Education, International Study & Exchange Programs Project

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The world is a big place! In this project, you can learn more about your own culture, explore new cultures, share your experience as a host family, or be an exchange delegate. This is a great project to develop skills in discovering and understanding diversity, and learning to communicate across cultures. Expand your mind and become part of the global community!

Ages and Stages of Youth Development


Beginners can identify cultures other than their own, and see differences and commonalities. Explore your own family traditions and learn to be respectful of those different than yourself.


Gain a greater awareness of different cultures. Explore other cultures, see what makes them unique, and find the value they have. Youth may be eligible to participate in an international exchange program.


Appreciate different cultures & understand how they can work together. Compare & contrast to see things from someone else’s view. Youth can participate in an international exchange program.

4-H Programming Priorities


Youth can show leadership by being accepting of and helping others understand different cultures and by making friends with exchange students in school.

Health & Wellness

Youth can learn to prepare food from different countries, research popular sports or games in other countries, and compare different religions around the world.


Explore areas such as earth sciences, zoology, biology, and oceanography of different regions of the world. Learn about famous scientists & advancements worldwide.


Learn about agriculture around the world and learn what it will take to feed a growing world population. Youth can learn about commodities, economics, and trade.

Get Involved

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Youth Voice

  • Present your family tree/ancestry
  • Participate in culture fair in your community/school
  • Invite an exchange student to speak at a 4-H meeting
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Community Service

  • Raise money for international aid association
  • Volunteer at cultural center
  • Make display bringing awareness to international issue
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Career Connections

  • Translator
  • Teacher
  • International business
  • Ambassador
  • Peace corps
  • Military
  • Travel agent

Exhibit Ideas

  • Family tree/genealogy project
  • Experiences as host family/exchange student
  • Traditional food from another country
    • Ethnic baked goods
  • Clothing, crafts, music, dances, or games from another country/culture