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4-H Sheep & Wool Project

three female 4-H youth showing wool sheep

Do you love sheep? Well, the 4-H Sheep Animal project area might be the perfect fit for you! Market type sheep are used for food production processes, while the breeding type sheep allow you to create and improve your own flock, including wool production. 4-H members can learn the aspects of caring for sheep, such as management, production, marketing, showing, and evaluation. Youth can also participate in other areas of the sheep project, such as public presentation, fashion revue, special foods, and display exhibits.

Ages and Stages of Youth Development


Beginners gain a basic knowledge of sheep. Identify and understand different breeds of sheep and their intended industry purposes, distinguish the body parts of a sheep, and understand feeds and their nutritional quality.


Juniors learn different showmanship and fitting techniques. Know disease care and prevention for their flock, appropriate flock handling techniques, and understand breeding and marketing decisions based on evaluation standards.


Seniors advance their knowledge of animal handling, ethics, and care. Understand business aspects and can organize and plan production records, develop cost and expense records, and understand marketing animals and herds.

4-H Programming Priorities


Within this project area youth can lead by teaching others about the sheep and wool project, assisting with a livestock show, and forming a livestock judging team.

Health & Wellness

Youth learn nutrition by studying their flock’s needs and recognize different cuts of lamb as a meat choice. Also preparing a lamb for show requires daily exercise.


Understand the science behind meat production, nutrition, and genetics. Learn differences in cuts of lamb and of other meats and participate in meat judging.


Learn animal care and forming opinions as not only a producer, but also a consumer. Advocate the importance of agriculture in regard to the sheep project.

Get Involved

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Youth Voice

  • Demonstration on showmanship techniques for market lambs or breeding sheep
  • Discuss nutrition for sheep
  • Illustrated talk on uses for wool
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Community Service

  • Provide tours of your sheep operation
  • Help clean county livestock show buildings and pens
  • Lead a sheep showmanship clinic for other youth
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Career Connections

  • Sheep producer: meat or wool production
  • Flock manager
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Feed/mineral sales
  • Feedlot manager
  • Ag communications

Exhibit Ideas

  • Showing sheep:
    • Breeding
    • Market
    • Showmanship
  • Fashion revue: construct or purchase an outfit made with wool
  • Livestock judging
  • Poster/display on sheep nutrition, grooming, breed identification
  • Exhibit wool
  • Special foods: cooking with lamb