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4-H Animal & Biological Sciences Project

All 4-H Animal & Biological Sciences Project Content

4-H exhibits displayed in a large room


Project resources help 4-H members learn about everything from aerospace to workforce readiness.

a young male 4-H youth showing a hamster to a judge

4-H Companion Animal Project

The 4-H companion animals project helps youth explore a wide variety of animals that can be used for companionship and do not require the same types of resources that livestock does.

male 4-H youth showing a black beef cow

Why Tattoo Your 4-H Livestock?

Proper identification of animals helps create an honest record keeping system. With current DNA blood typing procedures animals can be identified through parentage, but when it comes to everyday practices on the farm or ranch a good tattoo can be a huge time saver in the event of a lost ear tag.

a father and son inspecting a show goat in a competition.

Bringing Home Your 4-H Goat Project

Sales and transport is a stressful time for any animal. Reducing stress factors due to transitions start before the actual purchase of your new project. Managing proper nutrition and disease management are just a couple factors to help your project get off to a great start.

male youth running with a sandy-brown horse

4-H Horse Project

Saddle up for the Horse 4-H project area! Become experienced in horse nutrition, handling, safety, and care. Participate in the county horse program and show to learn riding techniques, patterns, and showmanship

granite rock formation surrounding a lake.

4-H Water & Water Conservation Project

Water is essential to support life on Earth. Conservation is an important practice that ensures we have enough water, and preserving water quality keeps our water supply clean and free of pollution. Why is water important to you?

male youth participating in an artificial insemination demonstration

4-H Veterinary Science Project

The veterinary science 4-H project area connects a love for animals with an interest in science. Explore the many careers in animal and veterinary science, study the health and anatomy of animals, understand animal health in relation to humans, and learn through experience how to care for an animal.

black and white pig being shown at a 4-H competition

4-H Swine Project

The swine project teaches why people raise swine, how to select a pig for your project, feeding and caring for your pig, learning about swine behavior, parts of a pig and how to fit and show swine.

Butterfly with white and black wings resting atop a pink flower

4-H Entomology & Bees Project

Interested in learning more about the creatures that make life possible? The entomology project area is just for you!

female 4-H youth holding a white duck

4-H Poultry & Eggs Project

The poultry project area is for all youth interested in chickens, pigeons, waterfowl, game birds, and turkeys. In the poultry project youth have the opportunity to show their birds, and their chicken’s eggs, at Achievement Days and the South Dakota State Fair.