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4-H Welding Project

Man in welding mask welding metal pieces together

Learn how to safely and creatively join metal together by welding. Use your skills to make your own art, tools, and equipment! We use welded products every day, take some time to learn the methods behind different types of welding and learn how to use them yourself!

Ages and Stages of Youth Development


Beginners learn the basics of welding including the required equipment, safety procedures, and how to create an arc. Other skills include how to cut metal with a saw, make basic joints, and weld simple beads.


Build on skills and learn how to use different types of welders, cut metal with an oxyacetylene torch, and weld more difficult beads and joints.


Learn advanced welding skills including welding different types of metal, welding vertically or overhead, welding with an oxyacetylene torch, and creating more intricate projects involving numerous beads and joints.

4-H Programming Priorities


Leadership can be shown by organizing a tour of a welding shop, leading a team of welders in a service project, and promoting welding safety in your 4-H club.

Health & Wellness

Safety is an important aspect of welding. Practicing welding safety can help to increase situational awareness and identify hazards in all areas of life.


From the basic math used to measure pieces of metal to the engineering behind robotic welders, science plays a key role in every welding project.


Welding is a very valuable skill in the agriculture industry. Everything from fences to farm equipment is made and repaired by welding.

Get Involved

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Youth Voice

  • Demonstrate welding equipment and safety
  • Presentation on different types of welding and their use
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Community Service

  • Teach other 4-H members how to safely weld
  • Weld a fence or fix metal structures for your county fairgrounds
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Career Connections

  • Metal fabricator
  • Agricultural welder
  • Welder/pipefitter
  • Underwater welder
  • Materials engineer
  • Robot welder programmer

Exhibit Ideas

  • Recycle scrap metal into art work
  • Create an exhibit showing different types of beads
  • Make a display highlighting different welding careers
  • Build your own welding table
  • Make an educational display teaching welding safety
  • Weld your own show box