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4-H Communications & Expressive Arts Project

All 4-H Communications & Expressive Arts Project Content

4-H exhibits displayed in a large room


Project resources help 4-H members learn about everything from aerospace to workforce readiness.

a teenage male sitting at a news desk in front of a green screen

4-H Communications Project

By participating in the 4-H communications project, you will explore the exciting world of communication, and learn more about yourself and others.

male 4-h youth in a baseball uniform standing between an adult male and female during a presentation

4-H Public Speaking/Writing Project

Are you excited at the opportunity to write and share your thoughts with others? If so, the 4-H public speaking and writing project can help you learn to express yourself in a variety of ways, from speeches to written communication on topics that you love and are excited about! Let’s get started!

Silhouette of a pig on a board wrapped in white twine. two purple ribbons on the table next to it.

4-H Visual Arts Project

Are you creative? Love to make things? Like to explore new types of media and design? Then visual arts may be the project area for you!

a digital camera with an onboard boom microphone on a tripod.

4-H Videography Project

In this project area, youth can learn to use the video setting on a camera, plan scenes and transitions for a video, develop skills in capturing quality video, and edit clips to make a complete video.

group of male 4-H youth performing a sketch

4-H Drama & Theater Project

The world of drama and theater impacts you every day. By participating in the 4-H Drama and Theater project, you will explore the exciting world of acting, and learn more about yourself and others.

male youth giving a how-to demonstration

4-H Public Presentations Project

Presenting in front of others is one of the greatest, most important skills to learn and master. It can be scary, but with practice and tips learned through 4-H, you’ll be a pro in no time!

digital s.l.r. camera

4-H Photography Project

Photographers help us remember important events by capturing images on film or digitally. You will learn to explore the world of photography by learning about camera equipment, capturing great images, learning how to caption your images and sharing your images with others.

female 4-H youth performing on stage with a ukulele

4-H Music/Dance Project

Express your creative side in the music/dance 4-H project area. Whether you enjoy learning about your favorite type of music/dance or would rather perform your own piece, this area encourages a greater appreciation for expression through music and dance.

laptop computer and various design tools sitting on a desk

4-H Graphic Design Project

4-H graphic design applications using computer technology provide 4-H members with an opportunity to express their ideas and learn skills through study and project work. It begins with a message that is transformed into visual communication that transcends mere words.