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4-H Public Speaking/Writing Project

male 4-h youth in a baseball uniform standing between an adult male and female during a presentation

Do you love to talk? Do you find yourself with a mind full of creative thoughts? Are you excited at the opportunity to write and share your thoughts with others? If so, the 4-H public speaking and writing project can help you learn to express yourself in a variety of ways, from speeches to written communication on topics that you love and are excited about! Let’s get started!

Ages and Stages of Youth Development


Beginners may consider having fun with this by creating a puppet and delivering a puppet show to Cloverbuds at a local club meeting. Use your love for words to write and draft a story book with pictures to share with children.


Juniors can begin to expand their prepared speech or presentation beyond the local 4-H Club. For example, take the prepared masterpiece and enter it into a county or state fair or a local contest in the community!


In addition to previous suggestions, a senior could film and evaluate oneself as a public speaker. Or, if you have discovered that you might be interested in an education in these areas, visit a college and discuss career options.

4-H Programming Priorities


Give presentations to other 4-H clubs and organizations and use your speaking skills to promote 4-H to community members.

Health & Wellness

Communicate with others and write a public speech showcasing the power of health and wellness.


Conduct a science experiment and project and report the findings to your local 4-H club or another organization.


Agriculture isn’t just the process of sticking seeds into the ground; there are endless topics to speak about. Use your voice to promote agriculture!

Get Involved

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Youth Voice

  • Public speaking
  • Demonstrations/illustrated talks
  • Posters
  • Written communication
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Community Service

  • Read a book to children at a local library
  • Give a speech at a nursing home/assisted living center
  • Teach a workshop on communication tips
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Career Connections

  • Journalism and communications
  • Writer
  • Education and teaching
  • Business
  • Drama and theatre
  • Lobbyist

Exhibit Ideas

  • Public speaking/presentation
  • Write a narrative, expository, descriptive, or persuasive paper
  • Poetry: collection of three or more short poems or one long poem
  • Fiction or non-fiction prose: short story
  • National 4-H communications curriculum