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4-H Visual Arts Project

Silhouette of a pig on a board wrapped in white twine. two purple ribbons on the table next to it.

Are you creative? Love to make things? Like to explore new types of media and design? Then visual arts may be the project area for you! Experiment with different media types or focus on one. Your imagination is the only limit to expressing your creativeness.

Ages and Stages of Youth Development


Beginners learn about the elements and principles of design and explore various media and processes they would like to try. Learn to use and care for art materials, tools and equipment. Begin a journal and/or picture scrapbook of projects.


Juniors will experiment with the elements and principles of design to develop and refine their own unique use of media and artistic techniques. Explore art history and culture, art techniques, and the science behind the art.


Seniors will apply the elements and principles of design to produce works of art. Explore and invent art-making techniques. Relate artistic ideas with societal, cultural, and historical context to deepen understanding.

4-H Programming Priorities


A 4-H member can show leadership by conducting a project day, organizing an art gallery tour, or mentoring another member.

Health & Wellness

Visual arts is a great way to express yourself. It serves as an outlet for your creative energies. A feeling of well-being is a by-product of that outlet.


All synthetic fibers and plastic, as well as any change of state are the result of science. The firing of ceramics causes a chemical change in the glaze.


Whether you are knitting with a wool fiber, working with leather, or painting on a linen canvas, you are using a product of the agriculture industry.

Get Involved

two green conversation bubbles

Youth Voice

  • Illustrated talk on the elements and/or principals of art
  • Demonstrate the use of your favorite medium
  • Presentation on famous artists
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Community Service

  • Lead a craft lesson at a retirement center
  • Organize and implement a project day for local youth
  • Donate art supplies to a child care facility
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Career Connections

  • Activities director
  • Art teacher
  • Web designer
  • Painter
  • Gallery owner/manager
  • Graphic designer
  • Illustrator

Exhibit Ideas

  • Educational display of the color wheel
  • Use charcoal, pastel chalk, carbon, and pigment to create a picture
  • Create a pinch, slab coil, or wheel thrown pot
  • Stamped, sewn, or braided leather
  • Decorative wooden articles

Learning Resources