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Inflation concept diagram drawn on a blackboard.

Budget Adjustments When Inflation Impacts Prices

The prices of regularly purchased items have slowly increased over the past year due to inflation. When this happens, it is time to review your budget to make adjustments in spending.

MyPlate logo over a variety of protein sources on a countertop.

High-Quality and Affordable Protein Options

Protein is an essential part of the human diet and can come from many sources. Learn about some diverse protein options to build resiliency when certain proteins are experiencing shortages or increased costs.

Several colored gear icons representing different categories of insurance.


Not sure where to start when purchasing insurance? Find out the basics of how insurance works, what it covers and what types are available.

A wooden car cutout placed inside a small shopping cart next to a calculator and a notebook.

Shopping for Car Insurance

Does affordable car insurance mean the cheapest price, or does it mean getting the most for your money?

Canned vegetables on a grocery store shelf.

Shelf-Stable Foods Save Money and Help Families Stay Prepared

Many people may find themselves feeling worried or concerned about having enough food in their homes. One way to help with these worries and concerns is to purchase canned or dried foods also known as shelf-stable items.

A whiteboard outside a home pantry with a shopping list and a stock list.

Helpful Food & Shopping Tips During Unexpected Events

When faced with unexpected events, such as a health crisis or natural disaster, planning meals and grocery shopping often comes to mind along with questions: What should I plan to make? What groceries do I need?

Three green cucumbers.


This Pick it! Try it! Like it! Preserve it! lesson will help you select and prepare fresh cucumber.

Financial advisor reviewing paperwork with a couple.

SDSU Extension Introduces Money Mentor Program

March 15, 2022

SDSU Extension has launched a community volunteer program that will help South Dakotans learn how to facilitate educational programming and become masters in financial knowledge and skills.

budget sheet with money and bills

Family Finances

Access the tools needed to take charge of your financial future.

Hands holding a notebook with a meal planning grid drawn out. The grid has sections for breakfast, lunch and dinner across several days.

Reduce Stress With Meal Planning

We all experience a variety of stress in everyday life. One way to reduce unnecessary stress is the plan meals in advance.