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budget sheet with money and bills

Family Finances

Access the tools needed to take charge of your financial future.

budget sheet with money and bills

Student Loan TIPS (Texting Intervention Program)

According to U.S. Department of Education data, 30% of federal student loans were in deferment and forbearance while 7% were in default (Cho, Johnson, Kiss, O’Neill, Mountain, & Gutter, 2016).

Hands writing out a holiday budget on a notepad.

Planning for Holiday Expenses on a Tight Budget

The holidays are a time to spend with family and friends sharing good food and gifts. Unfortunately, this time of sharing can create stress for individuals and families who are living on a tight budget. Planning ahead and making decisions about spending will help the holidays be more enjoyable.

SUV driving on a snow and tree lined road

Winter Car Kits

Prepare a winter car kit to keep yourself safe when traveling during the winter.

Calculator, pen, and notebook with "Budget Planning" written on it.

SDSU Extension Introduces Money Mentor Program

October 12, 2022

SDSU Extension recently launched a community volunteer program to help South Dakotans learn how to facilitate educational programming and become a master in financial knowledge and skills.

A doctor consulting a patient about healthcare options.

What to Do If You’ve Lost Your Health Insurance

Losing health insurance can be scary, and your well-being depends on taking the proper steps to protect your family. Learn about some coverage options to consider if you've recently lost your health insurance.

Medicare card and stethoscope on work bench.

Medicare Open Enrollment: October 15 – December 7

The annual open enrollment period for Medicare is October 15 December 7. Learn some important considerations for reviewing and reevaluating your current Medicare coverage.

Woman navigating Health Insurance Marketplace on laptop.

What You Need To Know To Enroll in Health Insurance Through the Marketplace

The Health Insurance Marketplace allows consumers to complete a streamlined application to determine qualification for coverage under different health care plans. Learn some tips for getting started during the open enrollment period of November 1 through January 15.

Three green cucumbers.


This Pick it! Try it! Like it! Preserve it! lesson will help you select and prepare fresh cucumber.

Fireproof file safe with important documents inside.

Prepare Your Finances for Emergencies

Preparing your financial records preemptively can help your family stay safe and prepared when disaster strikes. Learn some expert tips for getting started today!