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Blades of green wheat in a wheat field.
Jun 26

Winter Wheat Variety Trial Tour @ Hayes

SDSU Extension will host a winter wheat tour on June 26 at 11 AM CDT at Hand Farms near Hayes, SD.

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Blades of green wheat in a wheat field.
Jun 25

Winter Wheat and Oat Variety Trial Tours @ Ideal

SDSU Extension will host small grain crop performance tour on June 25 at 5 PM CDT at Jorgensen Land and Cattle.

Wheat, Oats, Crop Management, Crop Performance Testing

Tractor preparing a soybean field for planting at twilight.

Soybean Rolling: Yield Effects

Land rolling soybeans has become a common management practice in many areas of South Dakota. The main reason for using a land roller on soybean fields is to push down rocks and level the soil surface for harvest, in theory reducing the amount of rocks and other debris that can potentially damage a combine header.

group of farmers, ranchers, and community members at a meeting. Courtesy: Gary Potts, USDA
Jun 18
group of farmers, ranchers, and community members at a meeting. Courtesy: Gary Potts, USDA
Jun 17

Open House Farmer Meeting @ Mitchell

SDSU Extension is hosting an open house agronomy meeting on June 17 at 10 AM CDT at the Mitchell Technical Institute, Nordby Trades Center (1800 E. Spruce St., Mitchell, SD).

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Diagram showing increasing harvested acres of corn and soybeans and decreasing harvested acres of wheat in South Dakota. Other crops remain steady, while hay decreased and then slightly increased.

Crop Diversity Reduced in South Dakota

The recently released 2017 Census of Agriculture data shows that South Dakota has experienced a considerable increase in acreage harvested of two major crops, corn and soybeans over the past decade.

A wet, unplanted field with water pooling and running off into a ditch.

Is Herbicide Carryover a Concern in Wet Weather

June 04, 2019

For many South Dakota farmers, wet conditions have forced the need to change planting plans. In some cases, crops are being planted in areas that were not planned for that crop this year. One factor in the moving of crops that should not be overlooked is carryover, explained Paul Johnson, SDSU Extension Weed Science Coordinator.

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A corn field in South Dakota looking very wet due to flooding from spring rains and melted snow.

Cover Crop Considerations for Planting Season 2019

June 03, 2019

Cover crops may be good options for South Dakota growers unable to plant due to high waters and saturated soils.

Cover Crops, Crop Management, Corn, Sorghum, Wheat, Soil Fertility, Soil Health, Forage