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A snow-dusted corn stand.
Jan 31

2019 Winter Agronomy Meeting @ Burke

SDSU Extension will host an agronomy meeting on Jan 31 at 9 AM CST at Burke Civic Center (822 Main Street, Burke, SD 57523).

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A snow-dusted corn stand.

Wet Corn: Storage and Late Harvest Options

With a very challenging harvest in many parts of south and southeastern South Dakota this year, farmers were faced with difficult decisions. Wet, unfrozen ground in many areas and high grain moisture forced many farmers had to make a decision: harvest the wet grain, or let it stand in the field.

Corn, Crop Management

Jan 17

2019 No-Till @ Wall

SDSU Extension will host a no-till meeting on Jan 17, 2019 at 9:30 AM MST at the Wall Community Center, Grand Hall (501 Main St., Wall, SD 57790).

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A sprawling green field of field pea plantings

Field Pea Variety Trial Results

In 2018, field pea trials were planted at four locations in South Dakota.

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Oat Variety Trial Results

In 2018, oat trials were planted at eight locations in South Dakota.

Oats, Crop Management

soybean pods

Soybean Variety Trial Results

13 location reports are available for soybean, conventional soybean and liberty link soybean crop performance testing results.

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corn field with sunrise in the background

Corn Variety Trial Results

In 2018, corn and corn silage were conducted at seven locations throughout South Dakota.

Corn, Crop Management

wheat field

Wheat Variety Trial Results

The 2018 wheat reports include winter wheat data from 15 locations and 11 spring wheat trials.

Wheat, Crop Management

aerial view of South Dakota farm and surrounding land


During the growing season, iGrow provides weekly production recommendations.

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A grain storage bin.

Grain Storage: Climate Inside The Bin

December 28, 2018

Grain storage begins with harvest, as drying and storage go hand-in-hand.

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