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Content by David Graper

Pea shoots growing in a seed flat.

Growing Microgreens at Home

The fall through early spring season can provide an opportunity to grow certain food indoors. Growing microgreens can be an excellent way to add nutritious, fresh vegetables to your diet without taking up a lot of space in your home.

sprawling leafy ground cover in a shady garden

Perennial Ground Covers for Shady Gardens

Shady gardens can be filled with plants of various shapes and sizes reaching heights of several feet with eye-catching foliage or blooms. However, ground covers, which are usually twelve inches tall or shorter, are an important component of the shade garden.

Four common, native milkweed plants: butterfly weed, swamp milkweed, common milkweed and whorled milkweed.

Garden-friendly Milkweeds to Plant in South Dakota

Are you looking to add native plants to your home garden this season? Consider expanding your garden palette with milkweed species that are native to South Dakota.

Four varieties of colorful chrysanthemum flowers, including: Mammoth Red, Mammoth Lavender, Mammoth Yellow Quill and Mammoth Twilight Pink.

Chrysanthemums Add Color to Fall Gardens

Chrysanthemums are the quintessential fall-blooming plant that are sold all over the region, but not all mums are created equal! You need to shop carefully if you want plants that will look good this fall and also come back in future years.

Perennial ground cover with pink and white flowers.

Perennial Ground Covers for Sunny Gardens

Do you have any large areas of bare soil in the garden, or perhaps a location that is difficult to mow? Consider planting perennial ground covers to fill in extra space in your sunny location!

shrub with bright yellow leaves

Nugget Ninebark (Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Nugget’)

‘Nugget’ is a South Dakota State University release of this popular shrub. This particular cultivar has lovely golden yellow foliage in the spring which fades to a darker green later in the season.

group of people gathered around a tapped silver maple tree

Harvesting Maple Syrup in South Dakota

As the weather warms in late winter and early spring sap in maple trees begins to flow. For many people that live in the Northeastern part of the United States, that means that maple syrup season has arrived.

rows of leafy vegetables growing in a raised bed

Growing Asparagus

Publication about growing asparagus.

a person wrapping moss around a plant stem

Air Layering a Plant That Has Gotten Too Tall

I have been in lots of public places and in some homes, too, where I have seen plants that have just gotten too big for their location. In fact, the large building that I used to work in often ended up as a sanctuary or in some cases dumping ground for those plants that just got too big or too tall. Some of those plants are still in that large space but a few were moved on to the compost pile too because they had pest or disease problems on top of being too big.

woman showing bugs to a group of adult learners

SDSU Extension Master Gardener VRS Guide

The new volunteer reporting system (VRS) for SDSU Extension Master Gardeners is now available. This web-application will allow SDSU Extension Master Gardeners the ability and convenience of submitting their volunteer hours and training activities through the means of an on-line interface which can be accessed by the state’s Master Gardener program administrators.