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SDSU Extension Master Gardener Program Volunteer Policy Guide


If you are reading this guide it means you have a passion for horticulture and service and are already serving as a SDSU Extension Master Gardener or intend to – welcome! South Dakota State University is grateful for its many volunteers that help to expand outreach and education efforts across the state. The intention of this guide is to provide SDSU Extension Master Gardeners and prospective SDSU Extension Master Gardeners, with information on:

  • applying to become a Master Gardener
  • maintaining Master Gardener certification
  • how to categorize and report service hours
  • understanding the various levels of volunteer service
  • and much more

Every SDSU Extension Master Gardener must follow the policies set forth in this guide as well as all volunteerism policies established by SDSU Extension. SDSU Extension administrative staff intend to protect both programs and volunteers by endorsing the policies that govern them.