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Prairey Walkling

SDSU Extension Master Gardener Field Specialist

Also by Prairey Walkling

A country garden with four raised garden beds.

Gardening Modifications for People With Limitations

Physical limitations or limited space don’t have to prevent you or a loved one from experiencing the joys of gardening! Learn some expert tips for modifications you can make to your garden space to make it accessible.

Solanum ptychanthum plant profile.

Understanding Eastern Black Nightshade: A Comprehensive Guide for Gardeners

Eastern black nightshade is a resilient invasive plant that can thrive in a variety of environments. This resource explores its genus, description, optimal growing conditions, propagation, fruiting period, and methods for safe removal.

Cluster of white to tan mushrooms emerging on lawn.

Managing Mushroom Growth in Home Lawns

While mushrooms can be fascinating to observe, their presence in your yard may indicate underlying issues that require attention. Learn some tips on how to effectively get rid of them and maintain a healthy, mushroom-free lawn.