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Aging Well

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Aging is an important process that we all experience. While achieving older age may include some challenges, aging well is an obtainable goal. This is not to suggest that a person will not experience chronic disease or disability. However, tips and tricks are available to reduce the risk of developing disease or disability and improve overall quality of life, even when faced with significant challenges or loss.

What is aging well? 

A key component of aging well is to delay or prevent the onset of chronic disease and disability. This is achieved through a variety of activities and behaviors shown to improve physical and psychological health and wellness outcomes.

The fundamentals of aging well

Aging well is the combination of many different things. The wellness wheel provides a good model to help you understand what helps us age well. It includes 8 different dimensions of wellness. If one of these wellness dimensions is neglected, then wellness in other areas is likely affected. 

  • Physical wellness is enhanced by incorporating movement in our daily lives, eating nutritious foods, and getting the recommended amount of sleep. 
  • Emotional/mental wellness requires us to cope with the stress and challenges of daily life.
  • Social wellness is acquired through our sense of connection and belonging to a well-developed support system.
  • Intellectual wellness emerges from our creative activities and drive to expand knowledge and skills.
  • Vocational/occupational wellness results from the satisfaction and enrichment from work, whether volunteer or paid employment.
  • Spiritual wellness refers to how an individual finds meaning and purpose in life. 
  • Environment wellness is the result of occupying a pleasant home and community that provides sufficient stimulation and support.
  • Financial wellness occurs when an individual is satisfied with current and future financial situations.

It may seem overwhelming to know where to begin for your personal journey to aging well. SDSU Extension is here to help. We have a variety of educational content and programs to help you create your own aging well plan. 


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Older adult man getting assistance from a young, female caregiver.

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