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4-H Health Project

All 4-H Health Project Content

4-H exhibits displayed in a large room


Project resources help 4-H members learn about everything from aerospace to workforce readiness.

Youth being fitted with a bike helmet.

4-H Bike Rodeo and Safety

Overview document including complete lesson plans for a 4-H Bike Rodeo and Safety program to make youth aware of the importance of riding their bike.

a first aid kit with various medical supplies

4-H First Aid & Health Project

First aid is the immediate care given to an injured or suddenly ill person and every person should be trained in how to administer first aid. First aid does not take the place of getting proper medical treatment by a qualified and licensed practitioner but knowing first aid and how to properly apply is important.

male youth dressed in baseball catcher's equipment

4-H Fitness & Sports Project

Do you love playing sports, being in shape, or preventing athletic injuries? Youth involved in the fitness and sports project will have the ability to share their passions for favorite activities and educating people about fitness tips and safety.

a fireman's jacket and helmet

4-H Safety Project

The Safety 4-H project area is designed for youth to gain the knowledge and skills to prevent injuries and accidents and how to get assistance when they occur. Become familiar with areas including but not limited to farm and rural safety, fire safety, injury and illness prevention, kitchen safety, internet and technology use, and environmental safety.

apples and bananas sitting on a plate next to a set of blue hand weights and a body measuring tape

4-H Health Project

Today’s world is very health conscious with limitless choices and opportunities. You might ask what can I learn and pursue in the health project area?