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4-H Safety Project

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The Safety 4-H project area is designed for youth to gain the knowledge and skills to prevent injuries and accidents and how to get assistance when they occur. Become familiar with areas including but not limited to farm and rural safety, fire safety, injury and illness prevention, kitchen safety, internet and technology use, and environmental safety.

Ages and Stages of Youth Development


Beginners know when and how to call 911 and how to report other dangerous situations. Identify warning labels on a product and demonstrate correct hand washing. Become familiar with kitchen safety, fire safety, and home alone safety.


Identify safety equipment for sports and recreation activities. Promote safe use of the internet and technology and explain ways to prevent fires and other accidents. Understand safety on a farm and in a rural area.


Seniors can communicate their knowledge of safety with younger 4-H members. Become First Aid/CPR certified. Understand how to make a safe environment for children. Identify and address safety hazards in your community.

4-H Programming Priorities


Apply safety to any 4-H project and promote safety in all that you do. Set a good example for the younger 4-H members.

Health & Wellness

Physical activity is an important piece of a healthy lifestyle and knowing how to prevent injuries and remain adequately hydrated is just as important.


Knowing the science behind accidents/injuries can help you better prevent those incidents.


Share your knowledge about remaining safe on your farm, around equipment, and in a rural area.

Get Involved

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Youth Voice

  • Speech on the importance of smoke alarms and a fire safety plan
  • Discuss kitchen safety tips
  • Show the safety equipment for riding a bicycle
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Community Service

  • Present a workshop at a farm safety camp
  • Talk to an elementary classroom about calling 911
  • Pick up trash at a local playground
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Career Connections

  • Health and safety engineer
  • First aid/CPR instructor
  • Fire inspector
  • Health policy analyst
  • State/local health department

Exhibit Ideas

  • Lesson plan and summary of a safety workshop you led
  • Display with a fire escape plan from a building
  • Poster on appropriate times to call 911
  • Display showing sport safety equipment
  • Display on kitchen safety
  • Poster on correct hand washing