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4-H Bike Rodeo and Safety

Updated December 06, 2022

Sara Koepke

4-H Youth Program Advisor - Grant County

Written collaboratively by William Karels and Sara Koepke

4-H Bike Rodeo and Safety program is a staple program in the county and surrounding communities to make youth aware of the importance of riding their bike safely.

Educational Sessions Overview

Bike Helmet

In this lesson, youth will learn the importance of a bike helmet and how to properly fit a helmet.

Bike Safety Check

Youth will understand the importance in selecting a bike to fit their size and how to use basic tools to ensure their bicycle operates properly.

Bike Handling

Youth will ride through an obstacle course to teach them how to comfortably handle their bike through a series of cones.

First Aid

In this lesson, youth will learn how to care for bumps and scrapes they may encounter while riding bike.

Riding for Fitness and Health

Youth will enjoy a bike ride on Flynn Trail and learn how bike riding is important for their health.

Host Your Own Bike Rodeo Event

Information will cover how youth and volunteers can put on their own bike rodeo and safety event in their community.