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4-H Environmental Education & Earth Science Project

All 4-H Environmental Education & Earth Science Project Content

4-H exhibits displayed in a large room


Project resources help 4-H members learn about everything from aerospace to workforce readiness.

The Butte-Lawrence-Jackson 4-H Range team.

South Dakota Teams Perform Well at National Land, Range & Homesite Judging Contest

June 08, 2022

After two years of cancellations, a record attendance of more than 1,000 FFA and 4-H members competed in the National Land, Range, and Homesite Judging contest according to the Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts, the contest’s main sponsor.

dense, wooded forest with a trail leading through it

4-H Forestry Project

Learn how to read the forest by identifying tree types and species in your area, how to conduct a tree survey and its uses, and the many benefits trees provide for our environment and in our daily lives.

young, white-spotted deer standing in the woods

4-H Wildlife & Fisheries Project

In the wildlife and fisheries 4-H project area, youth can discover the ecosystems and animal species around them and gain expertise with fishing. Discover concepts in biology and use that knowledge to conserve wildlife habitats and natural ecosystems or catch and interest in fishing.

two female youth inspecting a plant in a pasture

4-H Soil & Soil Conservation Project

In this project area, members can investigate the importance of soil to the ecosystem and agriculture production, and explore how human and natural activities impact soil characteristics and health.

pair of hands holding soil

4-H Conservation & Stewardship Project

What will your legacy be? Through learning about conservation and stewardship, you will learn how your actions directly impact the future of our planet.

several white wind turbines towering above agricultural production land

4-H Energy for Farm, Home & Transportation Project

Energy is a property that allows objects to move, affect others, or change temperature. There are various forms of energy including electrical, mechanical, chemical, thermal, or nuclear. Energy can be transformed from one form of energy to another but it is never lost.

rugged ridges of rock and mineral formations at the badlands national park

4-H Geology & Minerals Project

The geology and minerals 4-H project area rocks! Collect and study different rocks, explore large geological structures, make your own crystals, learn the rock cycle, or create jewelry with rocks and minerals.

Canoe floating in a lake near a wooded area

4-H Outdoor Education & Recreation Project

Do you like to go on adventures outdoors? Do you know how to prepare and be safe in the outdoors? Learn about that and much, much more in the outdoor education and recreation project area.

silhouette of rangeland plants against a sunset

4-H Range Management Project

South Dakota is made up of millions of acres of pasture and rangelands. Experience the different plants and animals that make them up and learn how to manage their interaction to preserve the resources for our future and enjoy them in the present!