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4-H Wildlife & Fisheries Project

young, white-spotted deer standing in the woods

In the wildlife and fisheries 4-H project area, youth can discover the ecosystems and animal species around them and gain expertise with fishing. Discover concepts in biology and use that knowledge to conserve wildlife habitats and natural ecosystems or catch and interest in fishing.

Ages and Stages of Youth Development


Beginners learn about food chains/webs, habitats, and characteristics of different animal species. Identify different types of tackle and bait. Understand and apply safety in nature. Discover what animal and plant species are in your area.


Understand the relationship between animals and plants, wildlife survival adaptations, and the importance of conservation practices. Become efficient with fishing skills in casting, reeling, and handling a fish.


Understand the impacts between urban areas and wildlife ecosystems, conservation practices of wildlife habitats, and animal interactions with other species and the environment. Learn to repair and modify fishing equipment.

4-H Programming Priorities


Be a role model and leader by displaying and encouraging positive environmental practices and teaching safety around wild animals.

Health & Wellness

This project area promotes spending time outdoors, which is important to both mental and physical wellness.


Discover concepts in biology and ecology, from species interactions to types of freshwater marine life and animal survival needs to the energy flow of ecosystems.


Farmers and ranchers make best use of their land while preserving wildlife habitats.

Get Involved

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Youth Voice

  • Illustrated talk on bird species in your area
  • Speak about the importance of preserving wildlife habitats
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Community Service

  • Build birdhouses for a local park
  • Pick up trash at a park or lake
  • Communicate the importance of removing invasive species
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Career Connections

  • Habitat restoration biologist
  • Marine biologist
  • Wildlife area manager
  • Park ranger
  • Fish and wildlife law enforcement officer

Exhibit Ideas

  • Construct a bird feeder
  • Book identifying animal tracks
  • Display showing species of fish in a nearby lake
  • Constructed fishing tackle
  • Book about a certain wildlife species
  • Display on a habitat improvement project