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4-H Range Management Project

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South Dakota is made up of millions of acres of pasture and rangelands. Experience the different plants and animals that make them up and learn how to manage their interaction to preserve the resources for our future and enjoy them in the present!

Ages and Stages of Youth Development


Learn the difference between grass, forbs, and shrubs, warm season and cool season, and native and introduced plants. Identify some common plants in your area. Learn about noxious weeds and why they are bad.


Learn to identify and classify numerous plant species, how to properly collect and preserve plant specimens, understand the basics of rotational grazing, and how to use range management to be good stewards of the land.


Become familiar with different grazing practices, calculate stocking rates, identify different methods for controlling weeds and when to use each method, design grazing systems, and recognize the different parts of a plant.

4-H Programming Priorities


Show leadership by teaching non-farmers how proper range management benefits the environment or organize a range tour to collect plants with young 4-Hers.

Health & Wellness

Range management is all about the responsible use of natural resources so that it remains healthy for future generations to use and enjoy!


Use math to calculate the carrying capacity of a pasture. Research different plant species and engineer cross fencing and water systems to increase the capacity.


Use your knowledge of range management to properly utilize a ranch’s land and resources to improve the operation and the environment.

Get Involved

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Youth Voice

  • Speak about the benefits of rotational grazing
  • Discuss the control of noxious weeds
  • Demonstrate preserving plants using a plant press
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Community Service

  • Help ranchers control weeds in their pasture
  • Create a native plant garden on your 4-H grounds
  • Organize a community bird watching tour
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Career Connections

  • Ranch manager
  • Bureau of Land Management agent
  • Wildlife habitat manager
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service

Exhibit Ideas

  • Collect and preserve plants for a plant collection
  • Make a grazing system display
  • Create a poster explaining animal units
  • Make an exhibit showing the parts of a plant
  • Build your own plant press