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Content by Robin Salverson

A stock pond with noticable blue-green algae bloom throughout.

Blue-Green Algae and Livestock

With warmer temperatures, the conditions are right for blue-green algae blooms. Different species of blue-green algae contain various toxins, which can poison livestock, resulting in rapid death.

A rancher inspecting the water quality of a small stock pond.

SDSU Extension Offers On-Site Livestock Water Testing

July 01, 2020

SDSU Extension offers on-site livestock water testing services at all SDSU Extension Regional Extension Centers and several SDSU Extension County Offices throughout the state.

A stock pond with algae blooms developing throughout.

Concern Over Poor Quality Livestock Water

August 10, 2020

South Dakota Livestock producers are encouraged to test their water sources as poor quality water is leading to blindness in some herds.

A stock pond with algae blooms developing throughout.

How Important Is Water Quality to Livestock?

Water is the most important nutrient to all livestock animals and is sometimes overlooked. Poor quality water can have a negative effect on growth, reproduction, and general productivity of the animal.

A group of cattle grazing in a sprawling rangeland.

Rancher’s Perspective on Challenging Heifers

This article will share a rancher’s perspective on challenging heifers during the breeding season in Northwestern South Dakota.

A black angus bull standing in a hilly pasture.

How Many Bulls Do You Need When Synchronizing With Natural Service?

The use of estrous synchronization with natural service provides an opportunity to utilize the benefits of synchronization. However, the first question producers ask is, “How many more bulls do I need?"

black cow drinking from a nearly empty stock pond.

Feed & Water Testing Laboratories

A partial listing of available feed testing laboratories.

A group of black Angus cows standing in spring pasture.

2020 Beef Heifer Synchronization Protocol

Being in the midst of calving, it is hard to think about next year’s calf crop. However, with the 2020 AI beef sire directories available, it is time to think about breeding season especially if you will be using synchronization.

A female producer looking over paperwork in a farm office near a computer station.

Social Distancing for Livestock Producers

Living in rural South Dakota, we have an advantage of social distancing ourselves from others. However, there are normal activities we are used to doing that will need to be adjusted for everyone’s safety this year. As you plan your spring livestock work, here are some things to keep in mind and practice for your own safety and the safety of your community members.

Close-up of the heads of curious Red Angus cattle during feeding time in an outdoor pen - dust from the hay and outdoor enclosure swirl in the air around their heads.

2020 Beef Cow Synchronization Protocols

The Beef Reproduction Task Force, composed of representatives of A.I. and pharmaceutical companies, veterinarians and university reproduction specialists, has developed recommended synchronization protocols for beef producers that will provide optimal pregnancy rates based on research and field use.