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A series of beaver dam analog structures built to limit rangeland erosion.

Range Roundup: Riparian Health Project Started in Western South Dakota

Over the last five years, federal, state, NGO and university partners and producers in Northwest S.D. were involved in a needs assessment that identified riparian health as an area of significant concern across Western S.D.

Photo showing a wildfire recovery on native rangelands.

Range Roundup: Dormant Season Wildfire Project in Northwestern South Dakota

Two of the main environmental conditions that drive post-wildfire rangeland recovery include health of the rangeland ecosystem prior to the wildfire and climatic variables, such as precipitation or drought after the fire event.

Rangeland and Soils Days participants observing rangeland.

Range Roundup: Opportunities for Youth

There are several opportunities for youth in South Dakota to get exposed to rangeland ecology and management, with involvement from several partners across the state. Learn about some exciting opportunities offered each year!

A soil coring device that has been pounded into ground. Next to it are trimmed samples in rings used to measure soil bulk density.

Bulk Density is an Indicator of Soil Health

Bulk density is a commonly measured soil property that can indicate how compacted a soil is and can be used to calculate the percent pore space in the soil.

a man in a suit and tie smiles for the camera

SDSU Extension welcomes new soil health expert to Watertown office

September 18, 2023

South Dakota State University Extension is pleased to welcome Hans Klopp as a new Soil Health Field Specialist.

Gardener holding a handful of healthy soil.

Soil Health and Why it Matters

Investing in soil health will benefit your garden or farm for generations to come. Learn how to actively manage the physical, chemical, and biological properties of your soil to optimize its long-term health.

Corn field with soil salinity problem.

SDSU Extension hosting Every Acre Counts Bus Tour on Aug. 24

August 14, 2023

South Dakota State University Extension will host a bus tour on Aug. 24 highlighting precision agricultural strategies used by farmers to mitigate saline soils while also maximizing productivity and profitability.

Vast, rolling rangeland with spring plant growth.

Investigating Rangeland Systems and Practices

Curriculum to teach students about the facets of rangelands.

Tractor pulling manure a spreader through a harvested crop field.

Using Feedlot Manure to Reduce Crop Production Costs

Livestock waste can be a valuable source of crop nutrients when correctly managed. Taking a strategic approach to feedlot manure application can increase the value of manure as part of your overall system.

aerial view of the James River Valley

Every Acre Counts

Every Acre Counts improves production practices for greater profitability.