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A wheat field at sunset.
Jul 15

Spring Wheat and Field Pea Variety Trials @ Meade

SDSU Extension will host a variety trial on July 15 at 5:30 MDT at the new SDSU Research Farm (13304 Alkali Rd., Sturgis, SD).

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Green leaves on a buckthorn tree covered with crusty spots of bright orange crown rust inoculum.

Oats Crown Rust Inoculum Abundant This Year

Crown rust is the most important fungal disease of oats in South Dakota. In years with heavy disease pressure, susceptible cultivars can have over 80% yield loss due to crown rust. The presence of crown rust inoculum on buckthorns can be an indication of the likely risk for crown rust to develop during the growing season. Buckthorns scouted recently were loaded with crown rust inoculum.

A color-coded map of South Dakota. The majority of the map is green, with a small patch of yellow and some specs of red in the East, South Central part of the state.

Use the Scab and Leaf Disease Forecasting Tools to Decide on Fungicide Application in Wheat

Fungicide application in winter wheat has consistently shown to prevent yield loss caused by fungal diseases. However, in some cases, a fungicide application may not always result in a profitable yield when disease pressure is low. Disease forecasting tools can aid fungicide application decisions and hence improve on the profitability of fungicide application.

A field of green winter wheat.

SDSU Extension Hosts Crop Performance Tours for Wheat, Oats & Field Peas

June 13, 2019

SDSU Extension will host summer tours of winter and spring wheat, oat and field pea crop performance trials across central & western South Dakota in June and early July. SDSU plant breeders, field staff and SDSU Extension staff will be available at all locations to answer questions and look at samples.

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Young winter wheat plants with light yellowish green leaves, a symptom of nutrient deficiency.

SDSU Extension Seeks Grower Input for South Dakota Nutrient Management Survey

June 12, 2019

SDSU Extension, the South Dakota Nutrient Research and Education Council and the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station at SDSU are interested in learning more about the nutrient management practices you use on your farm through a survey.

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A field of green winter wheat.

Planning for Quality in Wheat

Excess moisture and limited field days have made it difficult for producers to add nitrogen to wheat fields this year. This could be a concern, as nitrogen contributes to both yield and protein. This year, it may pay off to take tissue and soil tests from questionable wheat fields to help with nitrogen application decisions.

Field with field peas and blue sky with fluffy white clouds
Jun 26

Field Pea Variety Trial Tour @ Harrold

SDSU Extension will host a field pea variety trial tour on June 26 at 4 PM CDT at Smith Farms near Harrold, SD.

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