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South Dakota Master Gardener Association

Updated April 05, 2022

Aimee Ladonski

SDSU Extension Volunteer Development Field Specialist and State Master Gardener Coordinator

The South Dakota Master Gardener Association (SDMGA) is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide assistance to SDSU Extension in carrying out its basic mission to disseminate research-based information on ornamental horticulture and gardening to the general public.

Board Officers

Earl Dailey Memorial Endowment Grant

sketch of Earl Dailey
Earl Dailey, 9/6/1926 - 3/23/2010

The Earl Dailey Memorial Endowment Grant program was made possible by an endowment idea established by Pennington County Master Gardener Earl Dailey in 1995. The endowment process was administered by then State Master Gardener President Bob Spomer in 1999. By 2004 the principle was raised and the first grant funds were dispersed in 2006.

Currently active SDSU Extension Master Gardeners are eligible to apply for a small grant to assist with their or their club’s community horticulture education activities. The amount of money available for grants is determined each year by the SD Master Gardener Association Executive Board. Grant applications typically open within the first quarter of the calendar year. Recipients are expected to use the funds within the same year and provide a very brief presentation on their program progress and/or outcomes at the annual Master Gardener update conference in September.

For more information on this grant opportunity, visit the South Dakota Master Gardener Association Earl Dailey Memorial Endowment Grants page.

Gold Star Awards

The Gold Star Award is administered by the South Dakota Master Gardener Association Board and is granted to a small number of exemplary SDSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteers annually. The award is typically provided at the Annual Master Gardener Update Conference. Nominations are accepted by the South Dakota Master Gardener Board and Master Gardener membership will be emailed nomination forms each year.

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