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A screenshot of an aerial map view with a pin showing where the SDSU Specialty Crop Research Field-South is

SDSU Extension to host third annual Specialty Crop Field Day in Brookings

September 06, 2023

South Dakota State University Extension’s horticulture team invites everyone to attend the 2023 Specialty Crop Field Day.

Group of volunteers working in a garden center.

Master Gardener Volunteer Program

SDSU Extension’s Master Gardener program develops gardening enthusiasts into expert volunteers who share their research-based knowledge with community members across the state.

An adult and several children's hands at a table planting a seedling in a container.

Grow Getters: Garden-Based Education for Preschool-3rd Grades

The “Grow Getters” series consists of lessons and resources to engage youth and families in hands-on, at-home activities related to gardening—even without a garden!

A group of children observing a bed of garden soil with a teacher.

Stupendous Soils

Lesson for youth to discover the characteristics of different soil types and how to make compost.

sketch of Earl Dailey

Earl Dailey Memorial Endowment Grants

View the criteria and applications for the Earl Dailey Memorial Endowment Professional Improvement Grant and Project Grant.

produce growing in a collection of raised beds in a SDSU Extension community garden

Growing Together South Dakota

Mini-grant application and overview document for Growing Together South Dakota

Woman with clipboard instructing a group of volunteers in a community garden.

SDSU Extension Master Gardener Templates

A suite of templates that can be used by currently active and registered SDSU Extension Master Gardener volunteers as they engage in service to their community.

Gardener re-potting several seedlings that were started indoors over winter.

SDSU Extension Master Gardener Advisory Council

The Master Gardener Advisory Council supports the work of Master Gardener Volunteers across the state.

Group of volunteers working in a garden center.

Becoming a Master Gardener Volunteer

Interested in becoming an SDSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer? Learn more about our program requirements, volunteer expectations and how to apply.

Close-up of a grass lawn during drought

Lawn Care During a Drought

Maintaining a lawn during a drought takes a bit more care than usual. Learn some helpful tips to keep turf healthy during the worst periods of any extended dry spell.