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Read the Label

Updated June 06, 2022

Paul O. Johnson

SDSU Extension Weed Science Coordinator

Crop sprayer and a bottle of chemicals in a yard.
Courtesy: Canva

It is always very important to read the label before spraying. Now it is important to read before buying products to make sure you get what you want. Last year, Bayer announced they would be phasing out glyphosate from the homeowner market, but they would be keeping the Roundup name as part of their future marketing in the homeowner area. This will make the Roundup name like Weed-B-Gone or Tri-Mec, where there are several products under the one name. Be careful as we move forward and read labels before buying. This year, there will be Roundup products that still have glyphosate as the only ingredient, which kills everything it is sprayed on. There will be products that are called Roundup that will be mixtures of glyphosate and other products. There also will be products called Roundup that will not have any glyphosate in them and will be used to spray for weeds in lawns and not have any damage to the lawn. Make sure you get the product you want for the job you want to do. If you are unsure, ask advice before buying to make sure you don’t cause damage to your lawn or garden.