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aerial view of South Dakota farm and surrounding land


During the growing season, SDSU Extension provides weekly production recommendations.

Blades of green wheat in a wheat field.

Scouting Wheat Fields

Scouting is the process of monitoring fields and crops during a growing season. It can provide producers with field specific information on pest pressure and crop injury.

Weeds growing in a recently harvested winter wheat field.

Winter Wheat Decisions

Winter wheat planting will soon be starting and a number of decisions will have to be made for a successful winter wheat crop, including: the time of planting, the choice of variety to be planted, disease and pest management decisions and crop insurance.

: Golden colored wheat field with much taller, golden colored, volunteer rye within.

Volunteer Winter Rye Could Be a Source of Ergot in Your Wheat

A few wheat fields scouted this summer were found with volunteer rye infested with ergot. Volunteer rye, in addition to being a weed, can be a source of ergot, which is a concern for winter wheat producers.

Marestail growing abundantly in a soybean field.

Marestail Fall Control

Marestail (also known as horseweed) is considered either a winter annual or biennial species that is often difficult to identify at the rosette stage. In the Dakota’s, marestail will germinate in the fall and bolt in the spring.

Tall, slender kochia weed growing in a test plot.

The Fall Advantage of Kochia Control

Kochia is a problem in north central South Dakota row crops. New post-emergent options in corn and soybean have helped alleviate kochia competition from many fields, but these herbicide options shouldn’t be completely relied upon for a long-term control plan.

wheat field


The SDSU Extension team provides unbiased, research-based information to help wheat growers make decisions to improve yields and profits.

Paul O. Johnson making notes about a field of corn

SDSU Extension to Tackle Weed, Pest and Drought Inquiries at State Fair

August 23, 2021

To address drought concerns, as well as weed and pest inquiries, South Dakota State University Extension will feature two booth locations at the 2021 South Dakota State Fair Sept. 2-6 in Huron.

Winter wheat test plots with numerous groups of green wheat plants growing throughout.

2021 Draper Winter Wheat Meeting Set for Aug. 26

August 13, 2021

The Jones County Crop Improvement Association, along with South Dakota State University Extension will be hosting the 32nd annual Winter Wheat Meeting in Draper, South Dakota on Aug. 26.

plant with herbicide damaged leaves

Herbicide Damage to Fruits and Vegetables

Each year in early summer, many growers begin to notice distorted leaves on their fruits, vegetables, and crops. Most commonly the cause is a herbicide application to a nearby field.